(1) Perhaps the most pathetic conditioned reflex of the so-called liberals is their tendency to trample over the first amendment when cornered.

The news are bad?

Silence the opposition.

Remember Benghazi? They blamed a video no one had ever seen.


(2) My jaw dropped in disbelief watching C-Span as the Hildebeast promised that its author "would be dealt with"!

Imagine that.

It is tantamount to holding an inquisition tribunal on Charlie Hebdo for publishing a cartoon that excited terrorists into killing Charlie Ebdo's crew.

Absurd as it seems, that is EXACTLY what Obamanites did to Nakoula Basseley Nakoula.

wnd.com/2013/05/video-maker-bl !

(3) The US Secretary of state calling for the lynching of a person who committed the horrible crime of expressing his opinion asinine though it may be.

Even had she been right and not, as we know, a false narrative designed to cover her own ineptitude, what crime did Mr. Nakoula commit in reference to the ill fated video?


(4) But the criminals then resident at the White House and the Department of State needed a scapegoat and thought nothing of trampling upon the rights of an innocent man destroying his life that they may perpetuate a lie, as fourth rate actors were forced into public apologies lest they suffer the same fate.


(5) This did not happen in Stalin's Soviet Union.

This did not happen in Ceaucescu's Romania.

This did not happen in Saddam's Iraq.

This happened in Obama/Clinton's America, where the innocent were sent to Gulags to preserve the tyrant's absurd CYA narrative.

(6) This Feinstein letter of January 2018, designed to force companies to join her into browbeating opposition to her wrongdoing and threatening to label good citizens of this Great Nation exercising their constitutional freedoms as "foreign agents" is not pathetic.

It is a clear expression of these bastards' totalitarian ideology.


(7) This is clearly an expression of these bastards' totalitarian ideology, branding anyone who righfully demands transparency in government a "Foreign Agent."

And it MUST be exposed for what it is.

In the last couple of days we have seen how their minions in the DoJ misled, preassured and extort @GenFlynn, a man who dedicated a lifetime in the service of this nation, trying to get him to give false testinony at trial.

He refused.

(8) Comply, or be branded a Foreign Agent, was the message. And we'll go after your family, too.

This perversion of our politics and our Justice System has gone far enough.

@GenFlynn has endured, so far, two long years of daily press attacks, skyrocketing legal fees and threats to himself and his family with the stoicism one would expect from our great military heroes.

(9) His activities with the Flynn Intel Group were both legal and properly registered, and his opinions of having a terrorist living in luxury on the taxpayers' backs in Pennsylvania not only right but, regardless, his right as an American to express (more on the next thread.)

Look at the date on this filing and NEVER believe the Democrat propaganda machine again.


(10) The same group of criminals bent on totalitarianism who controlled the White House from 2009-2016 and, most of that time, Congress, have used OUR resources to silence, marginalize and assassinate the character of one of our most noble servants because he dared to express an opinion at odds with the orthodoxy of the totalitarians in power.

This is intolerable.

(11) Whether the victim is a chickenshit moron like Nakoula Basseley Nakoula or a national treasure like General Michael T. FLynn, it actually makes no difference.

The notion that any of us, at any time, at the whim of a wannabe dictator like Obama or Clinton can have our lives destroyed for what we think or say...well...that's a different matter.

When our fate is in the hands of third rate paper pushers like Peter Strzok or Andrew McCabe...well, we are screwed.

(12) An old instrument of oppression is the creation of laws that are as difficult to comprehend as impossible to follow, thereby rendering every citizen in this commonwealth a criminal subject to the whim of the satrap in power.

When a Judge is forced to confess that a statute is so convoluted as to make its interpretation troublesome, as Judge Trenga stated in Alexandria just two days ago...we have a problem.

(13) When a private company like Facebook is being told by Congress to silence the opposition under threat of being buried in a mountain of legal bills...we have a problem.

Generations ago, Mark Twain quipped that " No one's life, liberty or property are safe while Congress is making laws," echoing Benjamin Franklin's “No man's life, liberty or fortune is safe while our legislature is in session.”

It is no longer a joke.

(14) The totalitarians are now safely ensconced and they aim to "Fundamentally transform America" in ways that will destroy this beautiful experiment in self-government that for over two Centuries has been a guiding light o the world.

It is up to us to ensure they do not succeed.

We will not have many chances to do so.




You Sir, are incredible. I am eternally grateful for your words and insight.

I pray our incredible Country continues to be a guiding light for centuries to come.

We must always stay vigilant.

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