Did none of these congressmen read the IG report about how wrong the FBI was in abusing the FISA spying on Trump? Orange Man Bad is all I hear....

Why are all these Democrats such lame, talking out of their ass', holier than thou, idiots....

Rolled my eyes so hard listening to that idiot from Colorado preach about upholding the constitution and how Trump blah blah.....

Quods!!!!!! I'm back from my adventurous vacation...

What have I missed?!?!?!

Quods!!!! I'm going on an adventure.... Will check in when I can!

I'm going to go a Rome-ing as I part the Red Seas to Dubai!

Hopefully lots will take place for me to read about when I return.....

👋 Ciao!

Omg!!!! My first block!!!!

So excited!!!!!


This canadians take on all the "corruption" of Trump after I asked her to list them....

I can't with these people....

She's given me a thread.....


I can't with these people. More responses about feelings getting hurt.

They all need safe spaces!

I try not to engage too much with the liberal idiots on Twitter but after the former ambassadors "testimony" I mocked the whole thing. I'm getting responses and doing my best to be fact based engaging. Here is one twats response...

Sorry but only the people involved in the call really have any say in the matter!


Hearsay is sometimes more critical than direct evidence....

I can't, I just can't with these Democrats....



Back from a 2nd date. It went really great! Total make out session at the end. Surprised because I wasn't sure if he was that into me. But he did have a gleam and held my eyes for a very long time.

Only problem is, he actually thinks Gen Flynn betrayed the country. Need to figure out a way for him to see the truth....


What packing for 3 weeks looks like....


Why do people in public spaces ie dr's waiting room, think all of us who are sitting here want to listen to their annoying personal calls?!?!?!

And why do they have to talk SO LOUD!!!!!

I just received a parking ticket and think it is absolutely utter bullshit. Why do I have to pay for street parking when our streets are falling apart? The money isn't going to where it should be going. They don't clean these streets.

And the parking meter ass is a disgusting piece of filth. He could have not given me a ticket but he is a fat piece of shit who likes to be in a power trip.

Rant over!


Second better. The singing improved, maybe because the second half involved better singers.

I still maintain that the story could have been much better.

A story told from the victims point of view, as sad it is that they were victims and we really don't know all their names, I still want to know more from HH Holmes.

Oh god!!! I'm suffering through a friend's play about H.H. Holmes told from the women's point of view.

Honestly it is awful.

Filled with digs at Trump.

I should have known better. Friend is a feminist, pink pussy hat wearer, me too movement woman.

The H.H. Holmes story and the Chicago's world fair is an incredible story and she is butchering it completely!

Although listening to the audience, of course they love it!


Second act still to come...

Save me!!!

Dating is exhausting, especially when I'm not sexually attracted to the guy.

2 different guys on back to back nights.

One raped my mouth with his tongue.
Second was too touchy feely.

Plus side both guys do like Trump!

I'm so happy to be on my couch reading these toots....

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