Im sorry if I stumbled back like that and hit my head, I would grab hold of it and my legs would be sprawled out for all the world to see.

I may be completely wrong and on the conspiracy side of it but it doesn't sit right to me.

The more and more I watch the video of the old man getting pushed by the Buffalo police, the more I feel it was a set up from the start.

Why oh why would he walk up to a group of police officers who were on the move. Then the way he staggered back and fell. His head doesn't seem to actually hit the ground before it starts overflowing with blood. And then how neatly his ankles are crossed.

Beverly Hills just cancelled all curfews.... But businesses like mine are still not allowed to open.....

WTF!!!!! Cspan is broadcasting the funeral of George Floyd!

I'm disgusted. What about all the countless people that died and could not have a funeral.

People screaming well he died at the police's hands so he deserves a funeral. Utter bullshit! Everyone deserves a funeral but he was no martyr, no saint. Why is his funeral more important than the grandmas and grandpas?!?!?!

It's never going to end here. 🙄🤦‍♀️😩😭

The city of la sent another update about the handling of the virus. Still specifies nail salons remain close, all the while protesters and looters can run wild in the streets!

Can't make this stupidity up!!!!

Covid is over when hospital staff who once shunned people for endangering lives are out cheering protesters, gathering by the thousands, not social distancing!

I fucking hate my liberal clients.

Client asked me to take care of him. I told him I couldn't because I was losing it and needed to leave town. He told me to leave town tomorrow or Thursday, after I took care of him and his wife.

Fucking dickhead! Only caring about himself and not about my mental well being. Just because he was finally "ready" to come in.

Quods, I think I've lost it! Im sooo thoroughly pissed and annoyed by what the leftists and bleeding liberals are doing. First the overreach from the virus now the absolute lawlessness in our cities with the riots/ looting and do nothing from our governors/mayors.

Final straw, a line around the parking lot of the Sprouts. People are gathering by the hundreds, looting and causing havoc, yet we're still forced to abide by "social distancing" to buy food!!!!!!

So Fing over it!!!!!!!

Just heard on the news a lady being interviewed, she said the looting will keep going until the other 3 cops need to be arrested. And the looting will continue until "change" happens.

The WTF!!!!! How about people stop being absolute dickheads!

My liberal friends heads exploding over Trump's defiant walk through the park to St John's. They really don't understand how powerful that "photo op" optic was to those that arent suffering from TDS....

They are crying he used tear gas to clear the park from "peaceful" protesters. Yea, they were breaking curfew and had to be forced out. That's what you do, you show them who's in control.

I truly LOVE this President!!!!!

This is the man who wants to be our president?????


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