Turns out, may actually be a parody account!

So good.....

A millennial just stormed out of a spray tanning salon crying her eye balls out because the shade she got "just isn't right! I can't look at myself. What were they thinking spraying this on me".....

And this is the generation that is our future!


Still illegal. Thus the case with the Dems with their rush to impeach with no subpoenas because of lack of time.
If you want to prove someone did wrong, you yourself can't do something illegal. The whole thing becomes void. Plus Trump did nothing wrong.
Client was quiet and couldn't argue back!

Today a client claimed and truly believes Trump should be removed from office for what he "did" to Ukraine.
I claimly refuted and said, why shouldn't we ask where our tax payer money is going and if the House really wanted to hear from witnesses, they should have gone the legal route and ask the courts to subpoena.
He claimed there wasn't enough time.
My retort was, well if a cop searches you and doesn't have a warrant it's illegal. What if the cops response is "Didnt have time".....

Hahaha! She got soooooo ratio'd that she deleted this tweet!!!!!

I don't think they people replying to this tweet are watching the same impeachment as we are.....


Eating my peanuttles while I listening in on this hilariously sad shambles of an impeachment farce....

They keep digging themselves into a hole don't they.....

The replies in this are hilarious! The replies to the replies are awesome as well. The women trying to shame Kellyanne are getting ratio'd!


WTF is crying chuckie preaching about, "fair trial".... Why wasn't the a "fair trial" in the House?

I can't! I just can't! Why are the dems such hypocrites!!!!!!!!!

Is it wrong I'm sitting here, sipping a rose and giggling like a school girl that Creepy Porn Lawyer is in jail right now.....


Client who went to lunch with Biden, informed me, Biden was pretty disgusted that Trump's campaign created 10 million dollars worth of ads targeting Hunter and how terrible a family the Bidens are... Supposedly network tv won't air because they're "inappropriate", so Trump is turning to cable to air the ads. He was aghast that Trump had so much money to let his ads just stay idle.

Yup Trump has lots of money and will air those ads for maximum impact!

Get ready!!!!!!

I was hoping I would get a chance to say Creept Porn Lawyer just once as he walked by my business many times but alas that won't happen....

Wonder who's going to pay for swanky apartment now that he's denied bail and sent to trial in NY......

More winning!!!!!

CPL being escorted our by feds....

Warrant for his arrest!!!!

@Debradelai @GenFlynn @JosephFlynn Will Do Don Saul! Hey everyone who supports General Flynn, please SHARE THE INFORMATION at the top of this Thread that Don Saul posted about supporting General Flynn in DC on January 28! If you can make it wonderful. If not please share with the hashtag to help spread the word! He deserves support from us all!

This person thinks processing crimes and tax evasion are in par with Bernie's staffers....



The pictures and videos of the volcano erupting in the Phillipines is beautifully insane! Lightening shooting upwards, WHAT!!!!!

Mother nature is a beautiful as she is cruel....

What are the CO2 freaks going to say when the levels rise after this eruption. Continue eliminating cow farts?!?!?!

Biden is in town. A client had to cancel an appt tomorrow to have a luncheon with him.

Told her good thing kids won't be around for him to touch but to watch out he'll try to smell her hair. She said he could smell her hair all he wants....

She also didnot know that O did not endorse B but Warren. She was like a communist!

That's a first!

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