The biggest larf: When it's clear they've been bullshitted and lied to, THEY GO BACK TO THOSE WHO BULLSHITTED THEM AND LIED TO THEM AND DEMAND AN EXPLANATION. Doesn't anyone ever question this? Maybe the explanation lies somewhere else...?

No, what they likely banned her for is trashing their platform. That's what they do: Fuck shit up. Destroying someone's site and stealing someone's work, hacking and spying on people. That's what they do. It's not a campaign: It's a contagious disease, and it's spreading.

I mean, lots of "conservative" bloggers are committed narcissists, right? Don't get me started. But that's a good one. Good old M1ch is never afraid to toot her own horn and micromanage the shit out of your day.

I was trying to think of a good example of a committed narcissist for contrast... maybe M1chelle M4lkin. ;)

This internet thing is so cool because I can just come over here and tell y'all to FUCK OFF any time I feel like it.

*checks interweb*


Pictures from yesterday 6 August 2020 near the CO / NE border after a really whooping storm.

Arch Enemy in front of a very big audience. (Arch Enemy - Savage Messiah)

D Trump is not a committed narcissist. He's very egotistical and vain. He's a little bit of a hoedog. But his grip on reality is quite sound considering that he's a rich person.

I like Herman Cain. I hope someone can find some postmortem justice for this nice man. No, he's not perfect but who is?

What the ever-living fuck is "criminal disenfranchisement"...? O.o

"Per package directions" SEEMS TO INDICATE that hydroxychloroquine (as a part of the "ZPack") is a safe medication when used according to easy-to-follow, almost universal directions.

Liberals have gone totally insane and if I cared about you (which I don't) I would strongly advise you to seek refuge in some rural or wild area, or at least find a place you might be able to go for a while because this is going to get messy.

People who have health problems are advised not to travel anyway, right? This medicine pack (for if you start to get sick with certain symptoms while away from the GREAT DOCTORS and MEDICAL CENTERS in the USA) included HCQ and the person who carried it in his/her luggage was just supposed to start taking it without any sort of medical advice. Like: "If you start to get bad diarrhea or gut pains, vomiting (etc) take per package directions" quote unquote.

I've said this so many times, but yet again: Internal medicine doctors I worked for in the 1990s routinely gave people a medicine pack if they were going overseas that included a course of antibiotic including hydroxychloroquine. This is a very old drug used in the treatment of malaria; I take a dose of it every so often, although it causes stomach cramps sometimes.

Banning HCQ is insanity. There should be no argument over this.

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