"Wash your hands. Sanitize your tray tables and vents on airplanes. Don’t eat bats. We should be good."


@EngOnDemand Dammit, and I was going to have bat bourguignon for dinner tonight!


@EngOnDemand @kraken

LOL. All kidding aside, bats are little individual pest control companies eating thousands of disease carrying mosquitoes every night.

The following link shows baby bat burritos.


@SandyisGettingSteamed @EngOnDemand @kraken
Thank you so much for sharing this. I shared it on Facebook with all my children and a couple of grandkids. Many years ago we had a Ranger Rick magazine (I think it was Ranger Rick) that had a fold-out with many different kinds of bats. I kept that thing for years and I don't know what happened to it. They will all enjoy this. 😍

@prchrskd @EngOnDemand @kraken

I’m glad you enjoyed this. I’ve been following two Australian sites on YouTube: Megabattie and Batzilla. The people on these sites rescue and care for bats, especially babies. It is very informative.

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