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Now, to all those who say President Trump was too slow in this pandemic, I offer this report from Reuters, "In mid-March, President Donald Trump personally pressed federal health officials to make malaria drugs available to treat the novel corona virus, though they had been untested for COVID-19, two sources told Reuters.

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Don Surber
Ignoring experts, Trump saves lives

Hydroxychloroquine, chloroquine and azithromycin (Z-pack) are saving lives from COVID-19. The press is livid that President Donald John Trump is promoting this regimen because it has not been studied for 2 years and double-blind tested.

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The hotel proprietor then places the $100 back on the counter so the traveler will not suspect anything.

At that moment the traveler comes down the stairs, states that the rooms are not satisfactory, picks up the $100 bill and leaves.

No one produced anything.

No one earned anything...

However, the whole town is now out of debt and now looks to the future with a lot more optimism.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how a Stimulus package works.

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A friend just emailed me this notice:

“Because of the huge increase in deliveries, FedEx and UPS have joined forces and are now Fed-Up.”

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Good morning everyone.

“Let me hear in the morning of your steadfast love, for in you I trust. Make me know the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul.”
(Psalm 143:8)

May the love of God our Father, the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us all today.


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Clarice Feldman
37 mins ·

Jimmyk: Latest data release shows continued slowing of growth rates in US for

1. cases (15.4% from 17.6% yesterday and 32.2% a week ago),
2. hospitalizations (13% from 17.9% yesterday and 30.2% a week ago), and
3. deaths (21% vs 23.6% yesterday and 43.3% a week ago).

NY State is slowing similarly.

I'll spare you my graphs. :)

And in case anyone is wondering, their "day" ends at 4pm EDT.

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PJ Media
Here are the cuts requested by the Obama-Biden administration for the CDC

FY 2013: $569 million

FY 2014: $270 million

FY 2015: $414 million

FY 2017: $251 million

Some of the cuts sought by Obama and Biden "specifically took aim at the CDC's preparedness initiatives." The Wall Street Journal reported in 2012 that "President Obama’s 2012 budget calls for paring some of that spending.

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@HunDriverWidow As for me, every month, auto pay. Even though Saul and I have had our differences, QV is the only platform that provides an alternative to the “normal” blog-o-sphere. I am grateful.

Just finished watching President Trump’s daily Covid-19 briefing.

I would like to nominate Jim Acosta for journalism’s prestigious “Asshole of the Year” award.

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Dr. Eric Kaplan tweeted:

I’ve known @realdonaldtrump
,over 20 years. How can you not , love. Support, dedicate yourself to this tireless worker. A man who had it all and has been disrespected, devalued by media and liberals. No salary, yet he gives America 100%, No President in my lifetime compares to him.

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