I've thought for a long time now that Trump's failure to crush the Clintons is a major error.

This proves that they are back with a vengeance and worse, emboldened.

The Clintons will NEVER go away, nor will they stop scheming, committing crime or seeking power.

They are a major cause of the Republic's deterioration and it's astonishing how they seem to be totally untouchable.

This is BAD NEWS. Perhaps there's a plan in the works, but it needs to be expedited.

You know the regime in Iran is utterly weakened & desperate when their propaganda machine produces short films literally portraying an attack on the White House & Congress, and killing Trump & Netanyahu.

While we must be alert about Tehran's threats, the mullahs are weak.

Anyone notice how Ben Rhodes has suddenly emerged after Soleimani's death, freaking out every chance he can get?

Rhodes is unhinged and panicking.

More to this than is being revealed. Stay tuned.


As we digest the news from Iraq this week under a barrage of inanities from the peddlers of failure, know this:

The game has changed in ways most people do not yet comprehend.

Iran's impunity to carry out terrorist attacks around the world is at an end: Their economy is destroyed, their influence waning and now their leadership is in the crosshairs.

As they grow increasingly paranoid in their newfound insecurity, they will turn on each other. Viciously.

They're the real Walking Dead.


This establishes a new level of stupid.

Alas, I have little expectation that it'll hold the record too long.


@REX Amazing to see the battlefield prepared by Trump, going into action. Remember in 2017 when the union $$ was shut down? DOJ has been taking down criminal DNC $$ aggregators too.

But in MSM Trump appears weak and Dems strong...Good.

You always said the timing and ferocity would be jaw dropping. Good on you!

1. I know it's a crude.measuee but during the fake impeachment scam launched by the Democratic Party of Crime, how many twitter followers did POTUS Trump lose?

ZERO. Huh?

He lost no followers. In fact, he GAINED more.

What, you say? How many more?

6 MILLION MORE, since August 2019.

4 MILLION since September.

2.1 MILLION since early November.

Astonishing thread about Brennan's personal data being hacked by a 15 year old kid, between October 2015 and February 2016.

SpyGate, Obama WH visitor logs, black site torture sites. Who else has this information?

The incompetence and corruption is nauseating. Remember, Obama hired and refused to fire this creep as all this went down. What were those snakes up to?

Everyone needs to start getting ready for
Brennan & Obama's takedown by Trump. It will be EPIC.


@REX I've been convinced for some time that Rudy is acting like a bumbling fool to catch these morons off guard. Andy has proven me right.

They're all going to be blind sided despite being told to their faces what's happening. It's going to be glorious to watch!

It's frightening to see how incredibly screwed Obama, the Clintons and the Democrats are over Ukraine.

And hilarious how many normies have no understanding of what's about to hit. Biden is just one of the targets of a giant RICO scheme. Domino effect - once Crazy Joe goes down, they all do.

Giuliani is as sharp and deadly as he always was. One of America's great prosecutors, about to try his greatest ever case.

2020 is going to be glorious.


The stupidity of leftists is real.

Deep and profound ignorance. They are very, VERY far removed from reality.

Totally brainwashed.

2020 will suck for them, for sure. They deserve it.

PS 'Andy' has 60k followers.

Leader McConnell

This morning, Iran’s master terrorist is dead. The architect and chief engineer for the world’s most active state sponsor of terrorism has been removed from the battlefield at the hand of the United States military.


4. Pelosi fell right into Trump's TRAP.

She made the fake impeachmint sham in the Houses of Reps all about UKRAINE.

So Trump gets to blow Ukraine wide open. By the time he's done, no one will remember any of the fake accusations against Trump.

Do you know how much trouble the DNC and Democratic Party are, when it comes to Ukraine?

3. And note the title:

'The Barack Obama Presidential Center'.

The sheer arrogance of the turd.

Even Slick Willy, crook & predator that he is, had some class. The 'William J. Clinton Library and Museum' title shows that Bill understood back then that POTUS is an office that stands above citizens.

Obama believes that he stands above the office of POTUS.

It's sickening.

There are rumblings that the Democrats will have a brokered convention, and they'll choose Hillary.

Talk about someone who refuses to let go of fleeting glory.

My guess is Hillary's name will be mud by then.

So will Obama's.

Watch this.


Jeff Van Drew.

Smart and courageous move. And I suspect he will be the first of many Dems who switch to MAGA, or run as independents.

To be frank after yesterday, if you're a Democrat in Congress and not in 'The (low IQ) Squad' or a crook, you have to get out of The Democratic Party.
You cannot be associated with Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer and their nutcase followers, or you will lose office and your reputation. Simple as that.


STUNNING tweets here by Giuliani.

They have it all.

Trump's revenge will be brutal and serves two purposes : personal retribution, as well as the restoration of the Republic.

Obama and Clinton will not be able to escape what's coming. IMO, Trump means to skewer them last, in his second term.

Don't be surprised if the new libturds talking point ends up being:

'OK, what happened under Obama was bad, but it happened under Bush as well...'

This may or may not be true (personally I think Obama's illegal spying was on an unprecedented scale), but it's a classic Demtard move to equate unproven allegations with proven illegality.

YES, the IG found that there was a factual predicate to justify the opening of the FBI investigation.

BUT that DOESN'T mean the factual predicate is true. Remember - it was the CIA that created the factual predicate, not the FBI.

Horowitz is saying that the 'facts' they used were sufficient, IF those facts were true.
But as he doesn't have the power to look outside the FBI/DOJ, he can't conclude if the predicate was true or not.

Durham will now show that the factual predicate was a LIE.

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