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Oh my goodness. It appears the Dems are going fruitloops again and opened a can of worms they shouldn't have.

Whistleblower Complaint Now Looks Like Democrat Effort to Protect Joe Biden from Investigation…

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So Boris Johnson has flushed out the Tory remainers to vote against their own party and allow Boris to 'remove the whip' meaning they can't stand in the next election for the Conservative party. So this apparent defeat for the government regarding 'no-deal' removal will pave the way for ultimate Brexit victory. Very Trumpian tactics, very cunning, I could be wrong of course but there's good reason Boris and Trump are always on the phone!

Ports along the Southern Eastern seaboard are setting conditions Whisky, X-ray, Yankee and preparing for Zulu (gale force winds expected with 12 hours. Miami just set Yankee (gale force within 24 hrs).

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A new website went live last week with information on the current progress of the Trump Border Wall.

The website includes an interactive map that has information on planning and current work in progress of the prominent sectors of the border wall.

Everyone has decision points in thier lives. Most are small, a few are huge. Her father had the opportunity to save her from harm with some common sense and a no. A fool and horrible man. He allowed his daughters innocence to be stolen.

‘He seemed like a normal guy just like you and me. I think he was even in jeans when I met him.
‘I thought it was a job where she was just going to learn massage therapy. That is what she told me.
‘I did not know it was going to be all this other stuff which eventually happened.’

How in the hell could a parent allow this? This is the Father of Virginia Roberts and she was only 15 at the time. This is not a normal Father. Alarm bells and sirens should have been screaming.

Mr Roberts admitted he met Epstein before allowing his daughter to work for him, but had no idea of his vile intentions.
He said: ‘I went to his house, I took my daughter there because I said, “I don’t want you working for a guy until I meet him.”

Proof of Bias.
Drudgereport does not even mention Bruce Ohr's 302 revelations.


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@DuaneCates @ThomasWic

Some interesting photos from the this morning show the bouncer at Ned Peppers disarming the shooter, it appears he has a shot to the spine right below the vest. Thomas was correct the emptied mags on this moron and right up his ass.

Reminds me of Chelsea Manning. This also reminds me why people with sexual issues are a security risk. It's been that way for a very very long time and renaming someone or faux changing a gender wont alter that fact.

Capital One hack. Hacker Page Thompson is not a woman. No way.
She has dangly bits and is drug influenced.

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