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Big GA election fraud news: Ruby Freeman’s daughter, Wandrea Shaye Moss, who was caught on video repeatedly scanning the same batches of ballots is scheduled for despositions in Fulton County, Georgia next week.

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1. At the end of the day, there is a truth to things.

Either China Joe got 81 million votes, or he didn't.

If he did, God help America.

That means a huge majority of the population reject Trump's 'America First' doctrine.

They welcome mass illegal immigration, the Paris climate accords, doing deals with the mullahs, and cozying up to the CCP.

That means game over for the American Republic.

Which tells you all you need to know.

China Joe DIDN'T win.

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CPAC 2021 is coming this week in Florida, Thursday to Sunday
It usually runs 4 days
For those of us that have attended many times, we know that it is a valuable resource + gathering - classes, activist bootcamp, panels, speeches, large vendor area, receptions, parties, and offsite events.
The event itself is inexpensive to attend as conferences go. Students & veterans get major discounts.
You can watch the main speeches on the CPAC website, YouTube, Rumble, and CSPAN.

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Remember Charles Lieber, the Harvard professor that was arrested for surreptitiously working with the Chinese? Take a gander at what he was working on:

This is pretty scary stuff.

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Donald Trump was an amazing President! I will be forever grateful for all he did and will continue to do to save our great country. But he is one man, we all have to get involved especially at the local level. I will be volunteering at the polling place during the next election.
Never give in! Never give up! Fight, Fight, Fight! DJT

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No matter what happens tomorrow all of us must become active at the State level. We must get Trump Republicans elected at the State level and clean up the fraud in our local government, so we can have honest elections and send real Patriots to Washington. This will be the only way to counter the Socialists in Washington that want us to be 2nd rate Banana Republic where they alone have the power and the perks. We can fight Obama, AOC, Hillary, Pelosi at the State level and Win for America.

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QuodMeet: "Tell me Brian!"

A gathering of QuodVerum users discussing the weeks event...and whatever comes through the chat.

Brian Cates, Duane Cates, Comrade Fudge and Saul Montes-Bradley...and dozens of Quods participating in the chat!

Sunday 17 JAN
7:00pm Eastern

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This law professor, a former Never Trumper, is a true patriot! Let's pray with him.

He calls out the President of the University, and it is beautiful to see!

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1. How did I miss it?

Sidney Powell's famous 'Kraken' interview with Lou Dobbs is far more revealing than I first assumed.

Lawyers always choose their words VERY carefully. It's very important to transcribe the EXACT words they use.

As you know, Powell keeps referencing an affidavit from a Chavez insider. She brings it up again and again. In the Dobbs interview, Powell talks about it between 2.40 - 2.53.

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"The real story behind the Dems’ rush for impeachment has finally emerged. Thanks to investigatory work by Rudy Giuliani, we now know that prominent Democrats ran billions of dollars in money laundering, extortion and kickbacks through Ukraine, funneling cash to their own pockets through an elaborate network of shell companies and corporate fronts. ..."

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I just recd this in an email.

Best Quote Ever

"If violent crime is to be curbed, it is only the intended victim who can do it. The felon does not fear the police and he fears not the judge nor the jury. Therefore, what he must be taught is to fear is his victim."

Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper, USMC

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We're lucky to be witnessing one of the pivotal points in human history.

The historian Barbara Tuchman wrote about folly.

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1. One of the great joys of being a Trump fan is watching him outfox his rivals every single time.

As I've said many times, once you have seen Trump's genius, you can't not see it. It's right there, so obvious.

And yet his enemies totally miss what's going on.

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Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is inviting Rudy Giuliani, President Trump's personal lawyer, to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee about his recent trip to Ukraine. *** BOOM !!!! ***

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