Brace yourselves:

There's nothing the US military can do, regardless of its status in the era of Joe Biden and the way he became president.


It's too big an operation, and it's a foreign-policy decision.

I'll get to a third reason in a moment.

Must have missed what happen either way you don’t deserve it. Take a well deserved step back sir. Prayers for you.



Strike while the iron is hot.

While the Taliban celebrates, the Afghans start retaking their country.

The former Afghan vice president says that Biden and NATO don't matter anymore.

And THAT means our friends the Saudis are there.

This shit is based on existing supply chains paid for by the US military !

Tony Blinken later was hired as managing director at U Penn Biden Center that received over $70M in donations from China !


I dare you to try and watch this whole disgrace.

Both of these bastards need to be fired and demoted.


Something to think about.

Ever heard of Dunkirk?


An unknown tens of thousands of Afghan troops fled to neighboring countries.

This has never happened before. It began in July.


Someone posted this photo earlier, so I downloaded a high-resolution version of it.

As I thought, it's fake.

And a BAD fake too.

From this point on, the Biden administration's collapse begins picking up speed.

Sit back and enjoy.

Nobody deserves a humiliating implosion more than Joe Biden.



Guess what Afghanistan has?

Rare earth metals.

Guess who wants to corner the market on said metals?

The Chinese.

Guess who's bought and paid for by the Chinese?

The nightmare that's about to engulf the Biden regime is beyond belief.

The idiots have stranded thousands of US citizens and troops in Kabul.

The Taliban have complete control over airspace, land and military. They despise Biden and his regime as spineless, weak fools.

And they are correct.

They also despise The Great Satan.

It's impossible to escape the gravity of this situation for the USA.

Can someone tell them that the marines are being flown in to save them?

Because it sure doesn't appear that they have any understanding of the danger they are in.

Or how stupid they sound.

The Afghans must despise them.

Quit posting and get the hell out of there, you SJW idiots.

The end.

Also check out the preachy woke twitter account of the US embassy in Kabul, which for some reason has chosen this moment to school the Taliban about...human rights.

'Escalating Taliban violence, including executions of surrendered Afghan troops, shows a lack of respect for .'

I'm not kidding. Check out the tweet below.

Again, a bizarre detachment from reality.

I had lunch the other day with a senior USMC officer and a badged US Spec Forces commander.

Vicious, hardened warriors. Iraq, Somalia, Syria, you name it. They've survived. Somehow.

Turns out, China Joe and his thugs (especially the woke brigade) are more hated in the military, than we even realized.

Not just that.

These guys know exactly what's gone on.

And what's going to happen, too.

Ain't great for Obama's crew, that I can assure you.

Now, I just got a letter from a perfect stranger telling me that some guy from Newsmax wants to talk to me about all this.

Absolutely not.

I don't talk to the press, ever.

The hit job they did on me in 2014 for debunking Pallywood videos was enough.

There's no upside to me talking to ANYONE in the press, on any side.

The only thing I can promise Mike Rothschild is that if my life takes any more hits because of his libel, he's going to wish his mother never met his father.


@ThomasWic sue the pants off this asshole. The difference between what you actually said and what he alleges are night and day. Freedom of speech doesn’t include the right to libel.

College professor held in wildland arson spree near California’s massive Dixie Fire...

"Gary Stephen Maynard, 47, is believed to have worked at a number of colleges in California, including Santa Clara University and Sonoma State University, where a Dr. Gary Maynard is listed as a lecturer in criminal justice studies specializing in criminal justice, cults and deviant behavior."

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