O my God, the shrew can reproduce!

Where's natural selection when you need it most?

Humanity's collective IQ just dropped a little.

@ConnieB @Debradelai @QuodVerum - Well, adding her DNA to their 'monolithic' genome probably diversified it somewhat.

@Lonestar @ConnieB @QuodVerum

Nothing like a degenerate product of drugs and alcohol to improve inbred nobility? Nah.

The particular does not always correspond with the generality.

@ConnieB @Twi_brarian @Lonestar @QuodVerum

They took after daddy.

Unfortunately I share some genes with them (and with Harry), and not too distant.

In the case of Rainier, through the House of Mier.

In the case of Harry, through his mother.

Both 8th cousins.

It scares the shit out of me.

@Debradelai Per my grandmother, I share genes with Bill Clinton. I think it's closer than 8th cousins too, more like 5th, twice removed. She was proud of it. I'm not. @ConnieB @Twi_brarian @Lonestar @QuodVerum

@russiantrumpbot @Debradelai @ConnieB @Twi_brarian @Lonestar @QuodVerum You should match your DNA against the boy who claims to be Clinton's son..if there is a connection then viola, he is his son.


@campers @russiantrumpbot @Debradelai @ConnieB @Twi_brarian @Lonestar @QuodVerum
Hmmm..... Add Chelsea Clinton to the DNA list. Who’s her biological Father?

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