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This kind of crap will cause fools to start the shooting of idiots who are exercising their first amendment right to show everybody how stupid they are.

But this crap feeds the unhinged emotional desire to lash out immediately to attain instant karma.

NEWS FLASH! Karma is never instant just as real grits is not instant.

For "karma" to happen, first the fools must expose themselves.

Then let the water to boil, in containment.


I listen to you the other evening. You played this song.
My Grandfather met these young men on the streets of Piqua, OH.


I would like to understand what CHAIR is accomplishing in the US.
Can you give me some in-site?
I’ve been following them since the 2018 elections. I live outside of ATL and their chapter is strong.
I would like to know your thoughts.
Thank you.


Happy Independence Day ! 🇺🇸
I pray you’re having a wonderful day.
My husband has been in intensive care for three weeks.
I want to thank you for not abandoning me for my rant a few weeks ago.
Big hugs and blessings.

Richard Grenell (@RichardGrenell) Tweeted:
You are so unserious. I’m the guy who kicked the Nazi prison guard out of the US - while you stayed silent. t.co/QZpCGnnyyn

Eric “ Fart-Swallwell just trolls Grenell.

Denlesks (@Denlesks) Tweeted:
@RealJamesWoods Democrats reconstruct Mount Rushmore t.co/8CtAwqgofa

Happy Independence Day!! 🇺🇸

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Spreadsheet...click on your state at the bottom of the page...

Katica (@GOPPollAnalyst) Tweeted:

2020 MAGA Candidate Lists by State

I have completed Michigan. 45 states finished to date.

t.co/RdcUd0y3rk twitter.com/GOPPollAnalyst/sta

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Thanks you all for your support of our fight for justice for General Flynn. He has been effectively exonerated now. It's just a matter of time before it's dismissed.

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Oh, for the good old days with Gilda Radner......

Emily Litella:
"Jane, what's all this talk we hear about blacks wanting 'bleach reform'?? Blacks should be proud of their skin color, there is no need to be bleaching their skin, Jane."

"Emily, the conversation is about POLICE reform, not bleach reform. Many people are not happy with how the police do their jobs."

"Oh, police reform. Well then, never mind!!"

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The hardest-working fake former WH press secretary on NewsMax...

@sean_spicier: "To believe the polls, you’d also have to believe people are sitting home watching their cities burn and saying, 'yea, I want more of this'"


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