Last Friday the New York Supreme Court dismissed the "toddlers meme" lawsuit for "misappropriation" against our client Carpe Donktum (Logan Cook)

Also some other defendants

I assume this place is crawling with FBI. WADR to the real Americans

@ProfMJCleveland: "Shot:
Already retweeted @Roncoleman but as I'm in to a full minute of LOL, I just need to share one of the funniest responses EVER on Twitter. [screenshots]"


You asked if the Israelis would switch to Russia as their key ally.

The question becomes, "What does Russia have to offer?"

Can you think of anything?

Morgan Stanley faces data breach, corporate client info stolen in vendor hack...

"The bank said attackers accessed information by exploiting a vulnerability in the vendor's server, Accellion FTA. While the exposure was patched within five days, the attackers obtained decryption key even though the files were encrypted. Guidehouse informed the bank it had found no evidence that the stolen data had been distributed online."


“I alone have destroyed my career, my relationships and my life. And there is no doubt I need to pay,”

Sooo many more, in powerful positions, need to repeat these words in front of a judge.

Yapping With Saul:

"Derrida, Horkheimer, Marcuse and Marx, the Four Horsemen of the Bullcraplypse.""

YOU chose what we discuss, but today we start with Marx's Theory of Knowledge, Marcuse's Critical Theory and Derrida's sophomoric Nihilism influenced by Nazi lover Heidegger and French Existentialism.

Thursday, 8:30pm Eastern

LIVE with chat


There is no "trust the plan" or "kraken" or any way that POTUS45 is coming back into office until at least January 2025.
There is no "Q" connected to POTUS45.

Please hear this voice of reason and objectivity from two people who worked for him and that talk to him regularly, Attorney Jenna Ellis and Dr. Sebastian Gorka PhD of the daily radio & online show America First with Dr. Sebastian Gorka .

Let's have a conversation about racism... that is, what is NOT racism

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.