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@ThomasWic @Give_Me_Liberty
We certainly are. It is absolutely amazing how the regime in Tehran is falling into a series of traps, literally being destroyed from the inside.
As you've said it correctly, this time, this regime change, will be done right.
Keep the next two months in close notice:
-FATF deadline
-JCPOA being buried for good
-And gaps between protest spikes decreasing dangerously for Iran's rulers.
Good days are ahead of us!

One of the main reasons we all need to contribute what we can to @GenFlynn defense fund?

To help our hero go on OFFENSE.

If Justice Sullivan allows the motion to withdraw the guilty plea, it will be the Obama goons worst nightmare. Why?

Imagine having General Flynn coming after you.

Now you understand.


Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi, the heir of Iran’s monarchy, predicted Wed that the clerical regime will collapse within months and urged Western powers not to negotiate with it.

“It’s just a matter of time for it to reach its final climax. I think we’re in that mode,” he told a news conference in Washington, which he lives near in exile.
“This is weeks or months preceding the ultimate collapse, not dissimilar to the last three months in 1978 before the revolution,” he said.

@Debradelai @SidneyPowell

General Flynn deserves JUSTICE.

Let it come soon!

'Russia hacked Burisma' is the most pathetic narrative yet.

It's going to be really hard tor these leftist crooks to explain how Putin in 2019, was able to insert backdated docs & emails from 2014-2016,, inc. those with a US origin, onto Burisma's servers.

Will they also accuse Putin of hacking Romanian and Chinese companies the Bidens benefited from?

'Putin hacked China'. Now that WILL be funny.

This just draws attention to Biden's crimes. Massive backfire incoming.

@RonOgletree @EricStoner I started distrusting him when he was writing articles about Hillary having Parkinson's. It's obvious she is unwell, but a lot of his articles were just conspiracy theory stupidity.

@RonOgletree @selah18 @REX

I remember that.

We nearly always took the stairs at the side of the jet way (if there was one) and the smells stay with you.

Each airport has its distinctive "spuzza."

It gets over and around the jet fuel that I learned to love and miss.

@RonOgletree @MistyNan

Missing a deadline is an error.

Forgetting to file an attachment is an omission.

Intentionally misleading the Court and falsifying documents is neither.

The JCPOA and the payments made in the dark of night without any kind of Congressional approval at all is not the biggest betrayal by Øbama and his goons. They pissed on even the most deserving anything.

Pissing on the victims of that despotic regime was the ultimate as I have said many times before.

Then the blind squirrel finding a nut happens. Who woke him up?

This miserable vermin should not surprise me. And yet...

No, corrupt bastard. There is no moral equivalency between the US and the terrorists in Iran.

Nice of you to stop by. Now, kindly shove the Miter up your arse and shove off.

The closest thing to an Ayatollah is a Pope.


"Pelosi" and "understand" should never be used in the same sentence.

This has got to be the biggest exercise of political masturbation in history coupled with the worst reporting.

This vote will not limit anyone's power to do anything.



BTW, if you thought we have diversity in information sources, think again.

Their goose-stepping is wonderfully syncronized.

Calling on all Patriots to show our support for @GenFlynn on sentencing day at the Federal Court in DC.

A very special kind of on Jan 28, 2020 at 11:00 am on the steps of the  E. Barrett Prettyman Courthouse, 3rd St. And Constitution Ave., NW, Washington DC.

I will be posting additional information over the next 7 days, together with @JosephFlynn

General Flynn put his neck on the line for us.

THIS is the time to show our support and appreciation.

Welcome home, @GenFlynn !!

@Debradelai Lo dijo usted en pocas palabras Don Saúl y de lo bueno poco. Estos cadáveres vivientes están lanzando los últimos estertores. Leyendo sus palabras no necesito saber más por hoy. ¡Feliz Año 2020!

As we digest the news from Iraq this week under a barrage of inanities from the peddlers of failure, know this:

The game has changed in ways most people do not yet comprehend.

Iran's impunity to carry out terrorist attacks around the world is at an end: Their economy is destroyed, their influence waning and now their leadership is in the crosshairs.

As they grow increasingly paranoid in their newfound insecurity, they will turn on each other. Viciously.

They're the real Walking Dead.


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