Trump knows who all the leakers are, he gives them disinformation, and he's leaving them in place.

Listen to the end.


@Steeltruth @GenFlynn

But, describe the process crime committed by Flynn . . .

If the DOJ goes for litigation against McCabe for a process crime, how many years will it delay movement on much higher crimes pending?

What was that little phrase at the bottom of the DOJ statement? "at this time".

Can we assume since Durham has been tasked for a couple of years now that a much higher multi count indictment, that would include as a count, the process crimes be on the imminent horizon?


Were they fighting over who got to take the three strawberry milk cows home?


It will only take one meme about the jobs not coming back and the only thing will be a magic wand.

@umad80 @carolinacally

As soon as I saw the chassis construction, I knew this was a real departure not like the COT, Car Of Tomorrow.

It will have to go back to the driver talent and not team dominance.

@AliceInWonderland @Momma_Voke

Why would we champion the inducement the same sort of echo chambers as the Democrat Party?

I am not afraid to debate as long as all people use the truth and not just their version of it.

@jeauxy @darulharb

I've taken some new students for their first ride and white knuckles are the most common thing.

The next two have far more to do with 'leakage'.

@jeauxy @darulharb

She asked to see exactly what it is he did to bring the bacon home.

She is really a fantastic lady.


Joao Barbosa is a long time friend of mine. He decided to take his wife on a lap of the 24 hour course at Daytona as she is hardly ever at the track.

The course includes almost all of the tri-oval and some infield track as well.

Here is the in-car video.


@darulharb @kbrendell

You are correct. Mario came up with the idea for promotions. I have seen it several times as the Rolex Series partnered with the INDY car guys at a number of venues.


So what?

Did we have to like it when Øbama and the family went on that all expenses paid vacation to Africa with their entire family and 80 something of their closest friends?

@umad80 @carolinacally

Not only will the tire changing be much different, also will be the 'wedge' adjustments to change the handling of the car during those stops.

The transaxle is hard mounted to the chassis and does not move with the wheels.

I had grown away from NASCAR but I am now looking forward to next year.

@umad80 @carolinacally

With the recent addition of Roval (Road Racing on Oval track venues) races at Charlotte, I could see it coming that dual event seasons at those tracks would be morphing into one oval race and one Roval race.

This new gen car will make that even more a reality. Especially notable is the IRS, Independent Rear Suspension, using the XTrak transaxle.

I had their DP version designed into our chassis design. VERY good stuff and people.

@umad80 @carolinacally

As both the Heritage Mustang team and Brumos were from Jacksonville, the other teams referred to us as the Jacksonville Mafia

We had the five lug wheels, although aluminum and tougher to change than the NASCAR steel wheels, on pit stops for cautions, we always beat the Brumos car out, even though we had a larger fuel cell.

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