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As I opined earlier today, Trump is many things but is not associated in any official capacity in the running of The Make a Wish Foundation.

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Yugo was the first car to be equipped with standard rear window defogger.

It was much easier to keep their customers hand warm when pushing them in for service.

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He'll just declare; "Hoax This!"

The left has now officially become The Boy Who Cried Wolfe.


Everything is true on Twitter.

More people need to read and re-red the Constitution, period.

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With no doubt at all. Hayden is an anathema to anything sane or normal.

I like you despise the little squirt.

After the Kavanaugh debacle, I hope that whoever is nominated goes direct to the Senate floor for confirmation.

There is no need for hearings on this occasion and to be honest, the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee do not deserve to participate on the process after what happened last time.

They MUST pay a price and like little children, learn the consequences if their actions.



What they are really scared shitless about is it ever getting to a Senate vote before the election.

With the rapidly changing climate of the electorate, I see 3 Dem Senate seats either in tight races or underwater. 3 more at risk.

How many of them will try to save their job by affirming whomever it is? Key word; TRY. Then there are more coming up in 2022.

So much for Willard and Buttkowsky.


The Constitution says he "shall". No wiggle room on that. He can nominate on Monday if he wishes, but he will give the grace his brother never got from the leftist fools and not do so until after a funeral.

If they delay that then he acts not giving the left any quarter.

Then it is up to the Senate to decide.

Meanwhile, the left has lost its collective remaining neurons.



Bausch+Lomb multifocal.

Monthly or daily. I like the monthly and I have not worn reading glasses for over 6 years now and can read the top line on that card the Opto has you read.

Freaks him out everytime I do it.

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Mueller couldn't brush up on anything even if he was driving a street sweeper.


Making rash assumptions to create a construct here is a classic move of a liberal.

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I found some information on it and even the manifests of that trip. I gave those to him.

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