My 94 Cobra project has finally started.

I won't have my father much longer but he has inspired me to finally get going on this project. He worked hard his whole life and has lived a pretty incredible life but of course he still had more he wanted to do.

Now everything he saved will go to his son's and I told my father. I incredibly grateful what you're leaving me but these days I don't want much. All I care is about my family and if anything finish that mustang.

He said he would.

I saved my own money and now I finally used some of it but he will allow me to finish it.

First I stripped the car completely over 5 years ago thinking I was going to build it for drag racing. I was always scared to pull the trigger and then years passed and my father got sick.

Now through this experience with my father I view things differently. I realized I was never going to drag race so my plans changed.

I am glad I stripped it because it allows me to do things correctly.

I started with the 8.8 that it has, it was all rusty and it was weak. I ripped the guts out and had the housing blasted. I will be applying the top coat on the housing tomorrow.

I bought a Detroit Truetrac and a set of 3.55 Ford Racing gears, bought all new Ford Racing bearings as well. Have some new 31 spline axles and a Ford Racing differential cover.

Purchased and have already received half of the order which is a complete Maximum Motorsports suspension.

I have a body shop that will take the car when he has availability. I will get everything blasted underneath, same with the engine compartment. Fix some issues and get it all painted underneath.

Working with someone on building a new small block. The current 302 will rip apart with over 500hp. So purchased a new Dart block, just waiting on it and then off to engine builder.

The motor I am building will be running a single turbo and all that power will go through a T-56 Magnum transmission.

Everything I am doing is by myself besides building the motor and the body work. I want people who know what they are doing to handle that part.

I am hoping to have it completed by end of next summer, maybe sooner. When you can do a lot yourself you can save a lot of money.

That's a lot of work, fantastic you are building some fast wheels. What 302 are you working with? It always bothered me that it is a 4.9. Other than our Ford truck 4.6, our hot rod is a 6.1 Challenger 425hp natural. It is going to get a boost, Demon type hype so we hope. The money is considerable & nothing is easy, but we boost where we can. Tires first.


The person I hooked up with on doing my engine build knows his shit. I was going to stroke it to either a 347 or a 363. But he talked me into a 342 and he explained to me why it was a better choice.

Not sure what heads yet but I am moving to a Holly ignition and fuel management system as well.

You are doing great with what sounds like a solid machinist.
Take the advice of builders. That should be one solid block to begin with, he is right to stay somewhat modest w/it so not to hurt it. Heads & above need to work together for max power w/o complicated crap.
Just gotta breathe.
Love the noise.


Exactly, I understand how a motor works and I have ideas but I only dream this stuff he does it for a living.

With it being a mustang, everything is basically bolt on so I am smart and handy enough to do all that.


@Lemonhead @Mr_Nobody @FernandoIV

Advice always freely given, especially on Mustangs. I was one of he charter members of the Mustang Clubs of America.

What Holley ignition? Also on fuel management, what did you have in mind?

@RonOgletree @Lemonhead @FernandoIV

That's awesome and that's greatly appreciated.

I am not exactly sure just yet but I do know that's the direction I am going.

Basically a whole engine management system along with ignition and fuel. I aiming for different and something more modern.

Luckily right in my city I have a individual who has a shop who knows street and race mustang's in and out. He's highly respected that has a wealth of knowledge. So I am working with him on building it right.

@RonOgletree @Lemonhead @FernandoIV

I did some base reading into the Holley. So for ignition this is what I am aiming for.

@RonOgletree @Lemonhead @FernandoIV

For the EFI it will be a Holley terminator kit but I need to do more reading into that.

@Mr_Nobody @RonOgletree @Lemonhead
The Mustang guys w/small blocks on shows like Outlaws got a lot our their builds w/turbos & nitrous. They run right there with the big tire big blocks. Are you thinking natural, supercharged, or turbos in a street application? Is nitrous possible for this? Thinking small tire or big? Don't know how much their data collection ECU costs, but they adjust based on data every run. There is so much stuff out there, how are you going to gulp the oxygen?

@FernandoIV @RonOgletree @Lemonhead

Yes so much out there.

I am going with a single turbo. My goal is rid of the 94 ECU and ignition. The complete outside will look like a stock 94 Cobra but underneath to engine will be modern.

@FernandoIV @RonOgletree @Lemonhead

Twins on the street would be smaller so spooling them up would be easier but then there's the additional heat.

I love twins but for my application, having a nasty ride on the street I think one good size turbo will work just nicely.

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