Comey criticizes A G Barr.

Of all the stupid things to do, this pretty much tops the list. His attorneys must be cursing the day they took this guy as a client.

It reveals what a psycho the guy truly is. One wonders what the inmates will think, at whatever SuperMax facility Comey ends up in.


The gas lighting continues unabated. They are all deep enough into the old way things were done they can never accept there is another way.

They grasp at their straw that a defense based only in the victim status of political persecution will carry them through, as always.

But never again.


Brilliantly put old friend.

They live in a pre-Trump world.


Top of the day to you as well. Been rather busy as of late. They made me the first ever Senior Mechanical Designer. I am in heaven.

@RonOgletree @REX yay take some time to celebrate and relax. Heaven sounds amazing. ❤️❤️

@JeanK @REX

Funny, the exec I report to came by and told me to take some time during the holidays. After working under a contract for the past year, they decided to create this position for me which beforehand has always been a no-go zone for them.

They got stung some time ago with some people who called themselves that but were only title seekers for business cards

Anyway, I looked at him and said I already get a day next week and a day the week after. He smiled and shook his head.


@JeanK @REX

Did I mention I really love what I do?

We are getting a project documentation i's and t's crossed for the final handoff of this project that I came in to fix and get ready for certification.

We made 8 of them and are looking at maybe more so I want all of the drawings and manufacturing details ready to just push a button on future work.

@RonOgletree @JeanK @REX Fascinating device.

So . . . it's early, and I'm just now drinking my coffee but . . . that's for a Harrier, correct?

@RonOgletree @JeanK @REX what a great cherry on top for the season. Congratulations & enjoy your time off!

@RonOgletree @JeanK @REX

Congratulations on your new position

I bet you have all the details in your head, and can rattle off whatever is asked for or needs to be done with barely the blink of an eye.

Coordinating all of what is needed to make things get out to the customer is a very fun job.

I used to do that for tires and rockets.

I think the rocket part had the most literal interpretation of i dotting and t crossing

@RonOgletree @JeanK @REX It’s a GREAT FEELING to actually love what you do for a living, isn’t it? Not many people I think get to experience that.

@RonOgletree @JeanK @REX

Awesome . . . Can you pick your own course . . . and fly thru the Grand Canyon ?

@alturasbob @JeanK @REX

I'm sure they could the test locations were Cherry Point and Yuma.

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