Bernie doesn't know Jack or his surname Schitt either.

@RonOgletree @Otsie61

But it's GREAT that he's pushing the Green New Deal.

There's isn't a single viable Democratic candidate.

Trump will win at least 48 states.


@ThomasWic @Otsie61

I'm still on record for 50 my friend. Looks as though the hammer is coming for the media after his last three words of a tweet about them. "Trust no more."

The left loses them and it is weld the doors shut because the lights are already out for them.

@RonOgletree @ThomasWic @Otsie61 I've handled All types of welding for over 40 yrs Ron. Do I need to get a visa and fly up from Down Under. Welding helmet and gloves can be my hand-luggage.

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