I'm working on a video that will analyze openness versus secrecy in three Middle Eastern battles:

Shijayya (2014)
Third Battle of Fallujah (2016)
Mosul (2017)

This will be a video viewable only by those who make a donation.

So figure out how to get that done.

It's going to be a few days, but this'll be my best effort yet.

@ThomasWic @Debradelai \

It needs to be made available to be viewed only by people who have the correct link, or by putting it in a place that it password protected.

A friend of mine sends me his movies and documentaries that way.

The most secure is to put it in a place that is password protected, because once a link is sent out, that person can give it to someone else, so that link is only secure for a period of time.

You can tell if it has been exposed by the count though.

@ilumanous @ThomasWic

We are creating a new section of the website for donors only.

Those who make this place possible will have access to exclusive material. It's only fair.

@Debradelai @ilumanous @ThomasWic

In the days when the newspaper was the order of the day, how much would one spend each month to have their morning paper, for news that was days old and always had a liberal slant?

How many looked forward to the Sunday paper simply for the ad flyers? A Sunday paper was what, $1.50-$3.00 depending on where you lived.


@Krissy_Caster70 @Debradelai @ilumanous @ThomasWic

Yep. I was one of his charter subscribers. Bck in the days when the American Spectator was a serious publication.

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