1. If the Swamp crooks haven't been frightened up to now, they'll be TERRIFIED now.

A G Barr appoints John Durham to review origins of Russian enquiry.

NOTE : NO SPECIAL COUNSEL. Barr's going to make this a hard-core, DOJ led investigation.

By one of DOJs toughest attorneys. A hard SOB, John Durham.

Oh, man.



Durham working under Barr gives me a lot of confidence that he will pursue the truth, no matter where it leads.


Don't worry about that. Most of the investigation is done. Durham 'The Bull' is going after the crooks.

@JM @REX @robbakas

My favorite part: "Durham has previously investigated law enforcement corruption, the destruction of CIA videotapes and the Boston FBI office’s relationship with mobsters." 😎


@Seedsaver @JM @REX @robbakas

Even better was that article that made mention that Durham was not about the dossier, from this past January.

They're already finished with the investigation.

@drawandstrike has to be doing that Snoopy happy dance right about now!

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@RonOgletree @Seedsaver @JM @REX @robbakas @drawandstrike

This is the best news in a long time. John Durham is like Giuliani in his anti-mob heyday!

Brennan & friends better stock up on Immodium.


I was told to buy stock in Vaseline. Don't know what that's about. 😎

@RonOgletree @JM @REX @robbakas @drawandstrike

@Seedsaver @rarity @RonOgletree @JM @REX @robbakas @drawandstrike

With this cabal of traitors in prison together, I pray the Vaseline gets secretly exchanged for Super Glue. Picture that ugly scene. LOL

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