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The absolute worst non-smoking advocates to be in a smoker's face are ex-smokers.

That is how epic this whole climate farce will implode and disappear like a fart in a hurricane.

No puns intended.

off. So I don’t miss Twitter at all. It seems like a dysfunctional family reunion more than a positive medium for the exchange of ideas. That positive medium for the exchange of ideas is here on SQV.

"So that airplane mechanic who tried to take down a plane had ISIS videos on his phone which documented how to <check notes> take down a plane."


"Max Stier is the only source for @nytimes faulty Kavanaugh story. How did NYT find it ok to omit that his wife was nominated to the DC Court by Obama and rejected by GOP Senate?"


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They absolutely DO NOT and WILL NEVER accept that Trump outwitted them.

The reason I stopped reading ALL political analysis was that it was wasting my time.

I can't think of any pundit who perceives Trump's stunning genius. People who are otherwise brilliant tell me that Trump is not as good as I say.

I didn't wake up one morning and decide that Trump is a stunning genius. HE PROVED IT TO ME.

So I have no trouble accepting it.

New to the tarmac is an air freight distribution terminal for Amazon and FedEx and both have newly built distribution warehouses just off the property. Wayfair is about to move into a new massive distribution warehouse right next to Amazon.

Then where I go each day to play because I cannot call it work and they pay me well to do it too.


Cecil Is the decommissioned Cecil Field NAS which served as a Master Jet base for carrier aircraft. Before its closing, base for FA-18 and S-3 Vikings.

Currently it is home to a Boeing retrofit facility for the 18's and also a development center for some of their neater projects. Also along the tarmac is Flightstar aircraft maintenance and upgrade services.

Just got some very KEWL news about the location of where I work.


That 50 mile commute is so worth it and to still live on the intra-coastal waterway.

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We had a very emotional conversation. The same people who assassinated his father, Al-Jihad and Gamal al-Islamiya are the ones who bombed Arrow Air three years later.

A "connection" I do not wish upon anyone.

@Debradelai I don't know how you have the time for us, Saul, but am grateful that you do.

With Major General Mahmoud Hassanin and Gamal Sadat.

Gold Institute for International Strategy.

With Gamal Sadat, son of Anwar Sadat, at a meeting in the Gold Institute for International Strategy about an hour ago.

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It was a book by your Commander-in-chief: REVENGE. From President Donald Trump's 2007 book "Think Big and Kick Ass", this is Chapter 6 entitled "Revenge"

@LibbyAnnSpeaks @drawandstrike Duane is mainly on here and does some YouTube . Brian spends a lot of time on twitter trying to educate and fight the battle . He also writes for epoch Times. Duane is SOul War on Twitter if I am not mistaken. Yes they are both awesome.

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