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Check it out:

Ancient astronauts wore space helmets, but when they landed, they were naked and had explosive diarrhea.

They ran at our ancestors, screaming, "HELP! WE NEED IMODIUM! NOW!"

But it sounded like, "GOOOORAHH! FOPRUUG GOK-TAK! MAPA!"

They went down in a hail of arrows, and then they were immortalized on rocks as trophies.

Their spacecraft was barbecued and eaten, since it was made of meat.

Whoop! There it is.
Whoop! There it is!
Whoop!!!! There it is!!!!!!!


Who was it that said Kalifornja is officially screwed. Great work Nancy!


We can congratulate ourselves so far in having made a discussion forum free of hatred and the usual childish mores.

Easy when we were a few hundred, still going at over 10,000.

We are on the right track.

Gateway Pundit is now using pieces by Joseph Curl.

"President Trump is a petty and vindictive man. When criticized in the slightest, Trump's usual reaction is to lash out, often with ad hominem attacks."


Unbelievable : Theresa May STILL defending Sir Kim Darroch, now personal non grata in the US.

What on earth is she hoping to achieve by this utter stupidity?

Again, Darroch is a key player in the Obama/Clinton scam. PapaD directly alleged he was being spied on by the UK embassy in DC.

May MUST know all this. She's an absolute disaster. And to me, this indicates the UK PM herself is also implicated in SpyGate.


This is ridiculous.

How is social-media censorship turning people against Trump?

The answer is, it's not.

Look at his rallies.

Leftists think Big Tech will save them. That's what Trump wants them to think.

Besides, people like jim Hoft and Laurea Loomer are not genuine Trump supporters, so I don't see a need for him to help them.



Harris also protected an illegal alien MS-13 gang member who then went on to murder the Bologna family at a stoplight because he thought they MAY have been rival gang members.

Two sons and the father died.

The survivors of the Bologna family are anvils around Harris's neck.

They're very outspoken. When Trump brings them onstage, Harris is done.


HR 1233 allows presidents a 60 day review to assert privilege on official records to keep them sealed.

However, that can be override by court order or by his successor.

However much Obama may want to keep his official records sealed, his authority ended with his presidency.

Mark Pantano
Mark Pantano Retweeted Kamala Harris
Forcing banks to give mortgages to people who cannot afford them was a primary reason for the massive recession of 2008.
There is no institutional discrimination against blacks or anyone else in this country.
Stop the lies and start treating people as equals


Trump paints his face orange and wears his hair like that so that his enemies will underestimate him.

It's still working.

It'll always work. When the Democratic party is a smoldering ruin, the survivors will say that Trump just got lucky.

What Trump is doing is as exciting to me as what GCC commandos are doing in the Middle East.


It's as effective.


"1/ On this Independence Day weekend, I want to share some exciting news. In recent years we have seen the civil liberties of many Americans under attack, and no one in the existing civil rights establishment to fight for them. I & a handful of other attorneys who still believe...
2/ in civil rights for ALL Americans, "

The mullahs in are "a brutal, barbaric dictatorship & the US approach of maximum pressure is absolute the right approach... The US pressure on Iran is clearly working. This regime is being forced on its knees economically," says foreign policy analyst Nile Gardiner.

In case anyone was worried, I just saw the entire US Secret Service Counter Assault Team file out of the Lincoln Memorial.

One agent walked in parallel to POTUS and FLOTUS until they were out of sight.

All were equipped for combat, with rifles, pistols, vests, helmets, and grenades.

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