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If you have an eye on something at the gun shop better snap it up before we have another huge run of gun sales.

Now that the next 100 MSM news cycles are set….Trump, Trump, Trump ad nauseam, I challenge you not to chase the laser pointer. There are some potentially seismic events that may be drowned out by the frothing-at-the-mouth “Chattering Classes”. Don’t “blink”.

Thank you Bragg for Electing our next President, Trump will WIN in a landslide. Most Americans will not Tolerate this.

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The more CO2 the greener the planet. The greener the planet the more oxygen and methane.


"Twitter should be a platform where independent journalism can thrive."

My dog should be a concert pianist.

Alas, Twatter is a shithole and my dog, well, is no pianist.

Hawley Demands 'Hate Crime' Probe into Christian School Massacre


Hate crimes should not exist.

Hate is a motive, not a crime.

Hate is not a multiplier. You don't get shot *harder* if your assailant hates you. Who gives a shit how he was wallowing in his "feelings"?

This is some little girl shit and I still can't believe it was codified into law.


MIT climate scientist Dr. Richard Lindzen said this week that humanity should do “nothing” about global warming and should focus instead on “resilience.”

In a March 21 interview with Andrew Bolt of Sky News Australia, Lindzen — an atmospheric physicist and emeritus professor of meteorology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) — declared that climate alarmism “is exploiting people’s ignorance to promote fear and use it as a lever.”

Memory is the treasury and guardian of all things.


@RonOgletree @antonionpellegrini. That's really cool! If you are in a meeting with just vibrate on, you know there is lightning coming.


All Abrams are older, by definition.

Like I told you over a month ago, reports of new takes a year from now were false.

I understand they will be retrofitted to remove the spent uranium mesh and replaced with titanium.

Only the US and two allies get the DU armor.

They will also have an older version of the digital fire control system, still way more effective than anything the Russians have.

That said, the UK has approved DU shells, so they may yet let that one go.

@Linnie A hundred years ago we would be hunting foxes on our estate, now we just bark at he Amazon delivery guy,

That Body Armor does you no good without a Spine to hold it up.🤬

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Let's make something clear here.. Stacey Abrams can't nor won't be RUNNING for anything...

..short of free pie or an early place in the buffet line..


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The lack of understanding of impeachment as a political (not law enforcement) process its led to the dissolution of impeachment into irrelevancy.

Yes. Congress has the authority to impeach the AG, the President and any Judge or Justice.

But unless you have consensus and a vast majority in the Senate willing to do so it is but an exercise in intellectual masturbation.

With that majority, nobody is safe and you can remove a Justice for having a big nose.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.