I had a "discussion" with a couple of people about a news story in which I questioned the SOURCE.

I did not argue the veracity pro or con but only the source.

It was taken as an insult as they used a Retweet by L.Lin Wood, whom I do not doubt his intent, but nobody knows the intent save for L. Lin Wood. Imagine a lawyer using hyperbole to drive a totally different point?

This is what that has evolved into. Look carefully for the named SOURCE.


@2020_DJT @paul_schmehl

The SEIU harvested more absentee ballots in FL in 2012 than Dominion can steal.

They are the only reason Obama carried FL in 2012 by about 75,000 votes.

Hey folks,

@SidneyPowell is awake and now Retweeting.

Excellent work, as usual, Ma'am!!

It's sickening when you come right down to the nittys.
We slave day after day.
Dutifully paying our taxes.
Taxes that amount to a drop in the bucket in the grand corruption scheme.

Bleeding the system with bloated, corrupt agencies, agencies without oversight.

Trump is ending it.
So is Sydney
And Rudy
And Jenna, they are all bringing it out for millions to see.

This one will not age well.

Not only have the exposed all of the RINO's but now the wobbly kneed ones as well.


@REX No way in hell that just happens without active intervention.

We're going to find out, Rex, the virus was aided in this country by saboteurs in our federal government. Some with close access to the President. Some in our military.

Treasonous saboteurs.


There is no end to the hypocrisy of these felons.


Wearing a mask is neither a patriotic duty nor a political statement.

It is an act of hysterical stupidity stoked by a relentless campaign of disinformation.

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