After the Kavanaugh debacle, I hope that whoever is nominated goes direct to the Senate floor for confirmation.

There is no need for hearings on this occasion and to be honest, the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee do not deserve to participate on the process after what happened last time.

They MUST pay a price and like little children, learn the consequences if their actions.

Then we had Liz Wheeler quit suddenly at OANN. She is Kaylee level bullcrap slayer in her interviews. She did not offer a why or where she was going other to say she was with them for 5 years.

Then my crypto compartmentalization recall remembers this one.

Could it be happening immediately after the election?

Chanel Rion's NWHCA being created and replacing the old?

Remember he said the media will be unrecognizable in 6 years?


Damn son of a bitch.

Damn to Hell.

I swear if I'm ever in front of this Rubini piece of shit I'll punch his nose until it comes out of his ass.

Miserable vermin.

Yea, right Rubini. Now you are trying t use this day to fire up your damned "thoeries" again. There is a reason he blocked me but I still get his threadreader crap just to see what he is up to.

Simpleton SOB

What Hell Is "Environmental Justice"?

What The Hell Is "Economic Justice"?

While I'm At It, No One Has Yet Be Able To Explain To Me What "Social Justice" Is.

Democrats Do Nothing But Make Up Words & Catch Phrases That Have Absolutely No Meaning What So Ever, And The Sheep That Follow Them Repeat The Same Made Up Words And Can't Explain What Any Of Them Mean!

@PelicanPete @Debradelai

4. Assange doesn't give a damn about 'transparency'. That's a fairy tale, dreamt up by uneducated trust fund babies and empty headed journaljizzers.

In his crazed mind, Assange probably believes he's an ideological crusader, bravely burning down western governments.

But in reality?

He is no more than a paid hitman, a useful idiot for far more powerful anti-west interests, that have their sights on taking America down.

Never forget that.

The end.


I am dying to see the answers.

I scrolled down a ways and nobody answered the question. Just more of what they think it is.

Great news.

Shem Horne killing it on twitter.


Back in the day, I remember immediately seeing his talent.

Shem is humble and genuine. Also very smart. An important young voice.

Please let him know I'm watching and also, 'all the best'.

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