@Gmajv @Debradelai

They have to go in there and take care of a vipers' nest. You do not leave a nest of copperheads at your back porch steps where family is going to step. Sucks for Gaza, but they developed this utter evil mess of their own free will.

I had a family member scream at me the other day that the Palestinians are not Hamas. I stared at them, and then went off with some hard facts. And they stormed out. That's fine. It is hard truth time. Basic humanity is at stake.

@Stacie Take a break. My wife goes through the same thing. Just gotta put down the iPad, dig out a can of paint and a brush and do those chores we’ve put off; maybe find that stash of yarn. We have some tough battles coming up and we need to be on the top of our game.

@QuillClemens @StevenDouglas
Mainly be a Parent.
Quit letting the internet and government schools raise your children.
Get completely involved in your children's lives.

Isn't it interesting that the same people who are screaming about in are the same people who will allow a mother and doctor to decide what to do with babies born alive in the U.S.?

@Debradelai Every nation has the right to self-defense, how they do it is up to them…period.

@YoungBlood Cut off the funding to DOJ like they just did to the EPA…make them howl. Johnson seems like the guy who can do it. We call it Counter Threat Finance (CTF)…cut the money off and they will come to heel.

So, I know that I said that I'd write a few different threads about a few different things, but that's going to need to wait for another day or so.

It's getting late, and tomorrow morning is my first day of my IT course.

I'm not only worried about making it through the next 12 months, but also the next 6 months.

I don't know if my situation is that dire, certainly not compared to others here.

But let me just say how grateful I am to be part of this group and to know all of you.

Thanks. 🙏

“One could regard the events of October 7th as just one salvo in an ongoing war between an occupying state and the people it occupies, or as an occupied people exercising a right to resist violent and illegal occupation,”



@wziminer @Joycevor
Homeschooled all five of mine, am glad I did as they are well rounded, hardworking adults now.
Curriculum are much easier to find and there are plenty of colleges including Hillsdale, Liberty and others that offer courses.
Put them through public school.
They didn’t experience woke until college and were fairly adept at standing up in the classroom.

@EliMGold I would rely on a combination of IDF and multi-national Special Operations hostage rescue teams and relentless targeting of Hamas command and control, finance, and infrastructure; including elimination of Hamas leadership as well as “fighters” via precision weapons systems and on the ground “hunter-killer” teams. The international cabal is drooling to get images of IDF tanks crossing the boarder. That can wait.

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @StevenDouglas

I propose projecting the images on big screens wherever morons march in support of barbarians.


It should be mandatory for all journalists, members of Congress and students above 12th grade.


What Blinken said about ensuring that the aid got to the people and not to the Hamas terrorists was hard to believe and stunningly naive. It showed us what trouble we are in with this incompetent administration. If Hamas swipes it, Blinken said, the Biden team would be the "first to condemn it" — and keep right on trying to send it, despite that. How bad is that answer? I'm sure Hamas will be very put off by their possible condemnation. Not.

@Timmerax @inverness01

I still stand with Ms Powell. I will never forget her defense of General Mike Flynn when the Deep State was trying to take him down and ruin his life.

Now they are doing the same thing to her. But, they might be shooting themselves in the foot. One can only hope.

@RonOgletree @YoungBlood

Nobody sane and unbiased, in an influential position, goes out with a damn mike in such a sensitive situation and spouts mind and heart diarrhea to crowds - then expects to be accorded a public wiping of hands and butt. Evil dipshit.

@RangerJohn @Padre

My deepest thanks to y'all who took the time to send your best wishes and prayers for this new phase. We're hopeful this will be the silver bullet in this now almost three year ordeal.

We go back this coming Monday and the one after for one day tests before getting a week off. Then it is three more Mondays and another week off.

@RangerJohn @Padre

We had an extra special treat for Vivian as she is a MEGA College football fan (Alabama).

Tuesday morning we were visited by all of the rookies and cheerleaders from the Buccaneers. Even one of the cheerleaders went to school at Alabama. Vivian and this girl were just thrilled.

It was one of those PR things they have to do but not one of them seemed imposed and actually took to the strength Vivian displayed and her knowledge of football.

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