and the hits just keep coming. Atkinson is also on administrative leave so they brought him his box at the front door I'm sure.

“Most Media Will Miss This: ..."The IG report that outlines Atkinson's gross incompetence in the FISA scandal, vis-a-vis the 42 DOJ-NSD Accuracy Reviews, is the atomic shield against the political narrative"....“

An update on my friend Susan, who had the double lung transplant -- she had a bronchial test and her body is not rejecting the lungs!! Major good news.

This is VERY surprising.

Brace yourselves for a Trump landslide bigger than anyone expects.

Interesting presser today. Looks like the admin is going after the muscle of the DeepState. The cartels control the networks and are a cash cow in moving people, weapons and drugs. They finance the DeepState. Great to see the plan coming together.

Now that the pollen season has started here in the south, how many would want a yard tool like a typical powered push lawn mower that would pick up those little leaves and the pollen tassels which are almost impossible to get out of your southern lawns?

BUT WAIT! There's more!

It would also do a fair amount of dethatching as well!

Time for me to finish the design and try it out.

"The economy is NOT dead. It's in quarantine.

Trump is laying the groundwork for the most astonishing rebound in world history.

Corporations are VOLUNTEERING to do everything they're doing.

Only incompetent Trump-hating weirdos are still fighting."


The Constitution as written is not followed. The answer is not to change it, but to educate people on it, and begin to adhere to it.

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"Remain in social distancing" better be a general recommendation like "wash your hands" or "don't cough on people's faces"...

For sure as I can be this country is NOT "staying in place" until the end of April.

No fucking way.

The remedy is proving to be way worse than the illness.


I just came out of quarantine and I've already had it, too.

Yes, the Wuhan Sniffles was a doozie.

No, it wasn't worse than my last flu in 18.

It's time to let the adults back in the room.

Fail apparatchiks like Faucci, good enough to chase budgets and remain in charge despite their dismal failures should not to be given command of these situations.

It's the triumph of CYA over Reason.

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