This could be the beginning.

Trump is hogging the world's spotlight with the impeachment sham and now stories of health issues.

This allows almost everything in Iran and Iraq to happen under the radar.


@RonOgletree @Otsie61

One more Q post from this "idjiot" and I'll pin a Timberland on its arse.

Funny how it quotes me the very paragraph that is the basis for the banishment of the Q conspiracy...

Ultimately, they are functionaly illiterate.

Either Louisiana is full of lazy asses, corrupt asses, or socialist asses. I don't know which and I'm starting to NOT CARE.

Too many people are sitting on their hands when it comes time to vote.

You people are going to regret it, especially when you beg for others to save you from what the hell you just allowed to happen. AGAIN.


@Debradelai @redwhitebluedude

Obama's pathological hubris and Malignant Narcissism wouldn't allow anyone else to be in charge or lead this coup.

@NevadaJack @umad80 Watch his furious onslaught once Americans weary of almost four years of insane temper tantrums from the left are within striking range of actual collective working memory...which I’m not sure is even 90 days at this point. The dominos will fall...the media cannot help itself and DJT knows this because he is an industry insider...he is a master at doing the things necessary to trigger the incessant pursuit of rating at key times and demographics. The MSM Achilles...greed

@NevadaJack @umad80 This to me is proof positive over the seeming maddening delays in bringing down the villainous, treacherous career UniParty NWO Luciferians and the need for the prolonged agony of unending gambits, multilevel snares, and prolonged lunacy. People seem to forget Trump’s role in stagecraft and kabuki involved in creating “reality” TV. HE UNDERSTANDS THE MASSES ARE NOTORIOUSLY LIMITED IN DISCERNMENT, INTEREST AND ATTENTION SPAN...so timing is EVERYTHING.

Comrade Fudge
Her resemblance to Beaker grows by the second.

"Ambassador, how did Trump's references to his calls with Zelensky make you feel?"

"Mi mi mi mi miii. Mi mi, mi mi miiiiiii."

"Yes, that's just awful. What about how he's trying to weaponize US diplomacy against Biden?"





Trump has not yet begun to fight. He's keeping his powder dry.

"Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt."

--Sun Tzu


Of course.

And then, tie the Kinsey report to every lascivious law and decision handed down since then. Dr. Judith Reisman has written papers and books describing the all encompassing and utterly damaging impact of his fraudulent study

And we see that same segment of society declaring children "sexual at birth," and enabling gender dysphoria in toddlers, and all the rest.

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Why are Buffett, Steyer, Bloomsberg, Koch, Bezos, Turner, you, me and my neighbor?

First Amendment.

I can live with that.

What you propose is what the dimms are doing.

If it is OK to target an individual in search of a crime because we do not like his ideology, then the targeting of Trump is legitimate too.

Me, I think it's an abominable totalitarian practice regardless of the target.

It makes perfect sense but take it from me, it takes a mountain of lonely, unpaid work to dot connect like Levy has here.

Put simply, Adam Schiff is guilty of seditious conspiracy and IMO will be jailed for life.

Only Trump could have devised a revenge against Schiff of this quality. Plus, the trap will reel in all the key Obama and Clinton rats, involved in Ukraine.

Adam Schiff will bring down the Democratic establishment. Not DJT.

But Trump engineered it. Genius

The end.

Its not that those wealthy institutions can't but more to they won't because their survival is totally dependent on their actions.

The Ukraine Trap.

This is an absolutely outstanding article by Seth Levy, a fine thinker on twitter who goes by the handle 'The Reckoning' @Sethjlevy

Levy has correctly identified Schiff's clownshow as a Trump trap. The trigger? John Bolton.

For some reason our little corner of social media is able to understand what's going on in a way that far more powerful and wealthy institutions can't.

A MUST READ (and kudos to Levy, I think he has nailed it here).


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