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President Trump has accomplished a lot and kept many promises thus far, more than could have been expected.

Especially with all the resistance and daily attacks he has had to withstand and the political minefield he sees on a daily basis.

The most remarkable thing might just be the incredible job his administration has done in confronting sex trafficking crimes in the US.

It has been unprecedented the amount of arrests being made and stings being conducted.

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According to the border patrol, just TWELVE miles of Wall in CA has reduced the crossings in that sector by 90%.

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Abel Danger Global @Telford_Russian
Pennsylvania state Sen. Mike Folmer arrested on child porn charges

Any doubt still that @POTUS @realDonaldTrump is waging WAR against and ?

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@maat EPIC. & Nadler face at the end was priceless! And maybe just maybe the GOP is finding their backbone! My biggest fear is 2024 comes & GOP goes back to same old same old.

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Remember when the Democrats owned Congress and the presidency? Yet, they did noting on:

- Immigration "Reform"

- Gun Control

Folks, they're not SERIOUS about either of these issues. They'd rather allow them to remain unresolved and BLAME republicans.

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First Epstein gets arrested, now Ed Buck. Who is the next dirty filthy rat to have the comealongs slapped on them?

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Liz Warren wants to tax foundations. Just wait till the Clintons find out she wants to take money from them.

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I think the rank and file who are on strike at GM will pay the price, not the leaders.

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Kamala Harris illustrates why I'm more wary of women in office than I am men.

Women seem more likely to get drunk with power, and very quickly.

Examine her career.

How is it possible for the USA military to run out of ammunition during Obama's reign? Why didn't anyone speak up? Why did we learn about this now?
Maybe that explains why the IRS got guns and bullets and so did the other agencies. Do they still have it or have they transferred it back to the military?

Friend said all this talk about impeachment of Trump is like a soap opera. Turn it off now and turn it back on 6 months later and they're still talking about it!

As if there isn't enough anti-Jewish hate, here's a new one:
WeWork IPO delayed because the CEO observed the Jewish High Holidays. Yeah, this is the guy that cashed out $700 million BEFORE the IPO, which is not only delayed but the valuation is sinking like a rock. All those who worked and expected a payday may be out of luck. Yeah, they now have a good reason to hate Jews.
(Don't hate me, I'm Jewish and I'm ashamed of this and I denounce Adam Neumann. May he rot in hell).

Would love @ThomasWic feedback on this

Russia still has the most advanced, and largest OFFENSIVE biological weapons program on earth, and it is dangerously out of control.

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