Given Obama's record for endorsement, all the following candidates just received their "Kiss of Death". This is the 2nd wave of endorsement. I haven't seen the first wave. Does anyone have it?

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We are watching a very well calibrated takedown of deep-rooted evil that has taken hold in American institutions.

It's a joy to behold, too.

The best part is that Trump, Barr, Wray, Durham and all the others - including General Flynn - are way smarter than the morons who thought they could destroy The Republic, for their own ends.

Obama, Clinton, Soros - they are all totally SCREWED. All that's left is riots, violence, hysteria.


Stay safe.

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I want to answer a question asked by @majicmarkers1.

But first, an illustration of some of the many reasons I'm a rabid supporter of @realDonaldTrump.

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I truly believe that Rudy has the goods on these goons.
Ready for the showdown.

What's the betting line for next Tuesday's Presidential Debates?

It's gonna be lit once Trump injects Hunter Biden into the debates.

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Duane Cates thread (soulwar)


Noted author Saul Montes-Bradley has suffered personally from fascism & has become an implacable foe of tyranny of any kind.

He recently mentioned something called "La Carta del Lavoro."

Government workers are more important than people on the edge waiting for the second stimulus. I hope voters recognize this.

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So... how was your day?

@CWBChicago: "Dispatch: Caller says a group of shoplifters stole a bunch of merchandise, but their car got towed while they were in the store, now they're standing outside with a bunch of stuff. "

(H/T @Cernovich RT )

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Rush Limbaugh gets it.

100% agree. Skip the hearings.

The Democrats will use the opportunity to delay and smear.

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Pascale Ferrier, ricin terrorist.

As Trump would say, 'she's a real beauty'.

Soon to be at a supermax for ever.

This leftist wackjob was so stupid, she thought Trump opened his own mail.

But I guess they are so dangerous because they are so stupid.

I doubt she did this alone. Let's see what happens.

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Kim Klacik's political ads have been stellar. Now Big Dan Rodimer enters the ring. This is great.

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Ignorant Liberal Bimbo of the year award goes to:

EXCLUSIVE: 'Defund the police' activist Alyssa Milano calls 911 sparking massive police presence in her quiet California neighborhood claiming an armed an gunman was on her property - but it was really a teen shooting at squirrels with an air gun

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Woman had a TDS meltdown over a MAGA street corner rally then proceeded to hit the vehicle in front of her while police were behind her

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