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Imagine federal law enforcement going all out tactical to retrieve your daughter's diary, but utterly ignoring your son's porn drug use and graft-filled laptop

one of the unaccompanied migrants turns out to be a 24 year old man. and a murderer.

JACKSONVILLE: "Yery Noel Medina Ulloa, a 24-year old Honduran migrant, was arrested on Oct. 7 for allegedly murdering Francisco Javier Cuellar, the man who had taken him into his own home..."

Two separate videos are being shared on social media where the voter on the voting machine is unable to select the Republican candidate for governor in New Jersey.

More Fraud in New Jersey’s Election Uncovered – Voting Machines Would Not Allow Citizens to Vote for Republican Governor Candidate

PA Gov. Tom Wolf revealed his wife, First Lady Frances Wolf, dropped his mail ballot off for him, a violation of Pennsylvania election law.

GOP to force vaccine mandate vote and put squeeze on centrist Democrats

With the Biden administration facing a growing wave of lawsuits to stop the president’s vaccine mandate on companies, an Indiana businessman-turned-senator believes he has the quickest way to kill it. Sen. Mike Braun, backed by most GOP senators, including Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, is hopeful of nixing the mandate through the arcane but effective Congressional Review Act.

This is my friend Andy. He apparently was not allowed to talk about this on his pod. After his second shot of the Pfizer "vaccine," he developed a case of severe enough to require hospitalization. He spent a week there and wore a cardiac monitor for a week afterwards. Significant EKG changes demonstrate permanent damage to the septal wall of his heart, resulting in a delay in heart muscle contraction between the ventricles. His doctor is sure it was caused by the vaccine.

Help me out here...

Why (does it seem that) is it ALWAYS "heavy Democrat-leaning districts" that are last to report on election night/week?
Do they hire pollsters that count slower in these districts? Do they have different and inferior tabulation machines in these districts?
What is the deal?
Also, how about all districts report at the same time? Might do away with shenanigans or the appearance thereof...
Just saying...

Thank you to all the Virginians who voted Red & New Jersey also. You have restored my Faith in our GREAT county. But we MUST NOT stop Here and take this win for Granted. It all starts at the small and local elections also.

If you're in La Mesa CA, go by Riviera dr. Very cool tribute to the 13

Today was a good day. Wishing my kid a Happy 28 year Birthday. She's definitely a warrior.

@Bluecharger69 He talked sh*t about my President (#45 and really #46)
It's the deal breaker.

If you have Hulu, I'd like to share a couple of great shows, Only Murders in the Building and Reservation Dogs.

@palaeomerus At this point, anything is possible. I'm no financier, but I heard it was about a 6 billion loss that day. So who knows. I think the same about the oil spill off the coast of Orange County. Democrats want to push the Chyynna backed electrical energy use so bad that they would contaminate our coast with no second thoughts.

TEXAS—influx of 60,000 Haitians, expected this week, but another caravan of Haitians has already crossed into southern Mexico, and its leader — an American — is vowing to lead them to the US-Mexico border, in just over two weeks. “We’re ready for war”

“We are leaving in 20 days,” he said. “with papers or without papers, we are ready for war.”

@alex Amen!!!
A trophey for every kid got us future cult followers of Antifa.

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