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Kristi Noem vetoed the bill to protect women in sports. Tucker says she do a lot of others. What was she thinking?

A renewal of our relationship with You. Be our God again. Be our standard again. Be our stalwart and protector again.

Deliver us and let your Name be honored again in our nation.

Let all nations call us Blessed. Let us be a delightsome land, again.

Please, God…hear all of our cries to You for You to be the God in our country again!

Oh, my God! Be merciful to our nation.

We are the only nation on this earth that was founded with a heart towards you. Do not let this nation be dispersed, dissipated and destroyed. The world looks to us and knows we are Yours.

Be honored by us. Be lifted up by us. And we ask for a revival.

My God does not have our limitations! His anger, His fury…and ability to punish not one of us can imagine!

Dear God! I am glad that am not in that position. The trust placed on them by Him is monumental. Their failure to discern His will and direction actually, their DEFIANCE of His will puts them in a horrible place. A place where God will require answers of them that will be unanswerable, except to condemn them.

They have been put in positions of authority over His children. HIS CHILDREN! And they have stolen from us, they have abused His and our trust and they have abandoned any pretense of reliance on Him.

And since they’ve stolen from us, they’ve stolen from Him. From His children.

How would you as a parent feel if your child was dealt with in the same manner? You would be furious and do all you could to rectify the situation with your limited influence and power?

They are festooned with rebellion due to their ‘perceived’ power and position. They are glutted on the ‘power’, ‘prestige’ and money they see as theirs.

They have much to answer for. There is no escape from it. It is not only sure, their judgment will be unimaginably profound and, for those seeing it, horrific beyond our ability to imagine.

It will be the God, the most High. The Silent One who might allow sin, but hates it. The Silent One who desires our yieldedness, our acquiescence to His instruction.

So…I believe that our representatives in government have a lot to answer for. They are so cocooned in their false understanding of their standing that only the most enlightened will see themselves as they are.

I don’t want my small, selfish, man-mind to be my standard.

I want Him to be my standard.

Jesus has provided me a way out. Jesus has provided me with His righteousness. But not if I continue to deny Him and to call sin righteousness. That is denying what He’s offered.

Judgment is coming. Oh, yes…it is coming. And I, nor anyone else on earth is to be the Judge.

Any pretense, lie, justification or rationalization will not even enter His presence. Only what really IS will be available to us for us to present as evidence to Him. He’s already proclaimed His will and His standard, why do we feel we have the authority to usurp it?

I KNOW I’ve failed Him. But I’ve also repented of it and continually repent of my failures. I also continually ask if there is any area in which I’ve failed Him.

…and that everyone should just learn to ‘live with it’; to say essentially, that God Almighty has no standards…well, I pray for you.
But the day
is coming where we all will be required to stand before the Almighty, stripped of all pretense and argument, to explain ourselves and answer why. Why?

And superficial, selfish, fleshly excuses will burn away. They will not exist before Him. We will be stripped bare.

God has not changed. He HATES those who are against Him.

He will destroy, and remove from the face of the Earth those who choose to defy Him.
Jesus taught forgiveness and prayer for those who are our enemies. But that’s for us.
God hates His enemies. He told us that vengeance is His to dispense.

And He IS going to dispense His justice. His Holiness requires it.
To agree with those who are against Him, to align yourself with those who proclaim that any sin is “okay”…

And I guess by doing it enough, certain things get your antennae really twitching.

I guess that's fine, as long as you can sleep with yourself.

Taking the side of the scorpion and my wife.

And maybe some stuff I broke when I landed and scrabbled away.

That reminds me...

I still need to fix the ceiling fan.

The next day, my wife and I were sitting around by a fire outside and she decided to be a cutie.

When I wasn't looking, she took a long weed stem and ran it up the back of my leg.

Took some antihistamine and spent an hour or so doing whatever I did while trying to hold some ice on it.

Extra especially the ones that have stung me.

Or MIGHT sting me.

By that I mean to say, ALL of them.

No. I'm kidding.

I squished him into an unrecognizable pulp.

And then set him on fire.

I really hate scorpions.

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