What crises story do you think the media would concoct if Schiff and/or Brennan got marched out of wherever they were, in handcuffs?

Was watching an old forensic files from the 90s & look who the prosecutor was. Back when he was useful

This country is a freakin shit show now. Businesses are caving to cancel culture right & left & so are Republicans
The NWO is fighting back & I have no idea what the culmination will be.
Either common sense will win out & political seat will change to stop this ridiculousness or were screwed & I'm moving to Belize

Crazy CGI. Just goes to show, if you ever hear Biden say anything that makes sense, look closely 😂


So this was just sent to me by a girl I haven't seen since high school 35 years ago.
I'm NOT a Q believer or anything. Just thought it was strange

I read 1/3 of the world already takes Hydroxychloraquin to prevent malaria.
Apparently it's only dangerous if you take it to prevent the liberal agenda

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.