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Watching sped up footage of our lunar astronauts is pretty entertaining. 😂

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Here's how Greta's people destroy the world.

In California, the government has been forcing the utilities to spend more on "green" energy.

Politicians extort money from the utilities by threatening more and more green laws.

The utilities donate to the politicians and put money into green energy so that Greta is happy.

But guess what?

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Recently colorized photo showing Gen. Custer sitting beside a former West Point classmate, and confederate prisoner.

I'm seeing more and more people on my social media feed looking at other candidates - mainly Yang for some ungodly known reason. I think we may find that the dim libs that do vote Democrat will be scattered around votes versus putting all their apples in the same janky apple cart. They have no leadership. No clear front runner. Catastrophe. 🥰

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Media is in a tailspin about Turkey's invasion of Syria because it flys in the face of their "No Border" ideology. The hypocrisy of using American lives to protect a border of a foreign country while insisting the United States have open borders, is stunning.

I've heard rumblings that ICE officers will be stationed at the polls in 2020. I have never hoped for anything more in my life!

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California is the world's largest open-air mental asylum.

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And Oblahblah knew DACA was unconstitutional when he set it up.

Time to encourage American dreamers.

So...I heard that the new Sly Stallone 'Rambo' movie is being panned by liberal critics as pro-Trump. SIGN ME UP!

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"The United States and the United Kingdom entered into the world’s first ever CLOUD Act Agreement that will allow American and British law enforcement agencies, with appropriate authorization, to demand electronic data regarding serious crime, including terrorism, child sexual abuse, and cybercrime, directly from tech companies based in the other country, without legal barriers."

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Things that matter:

Trump GOP has a War Chest of One Bazillion Dollars

Companies/Jobs pouring into TEXAS, and the rest of its U.S. colonies.

The Wall is Up and Running; Asylum is fixed

Johnson Amendment is FINIS

Military is healthy

Trump RALLY in DALLAS!!!

Things that DON'T matter:

Online polls

Anything Schiff/Pelosi say

Anything a "Celebrity" says

Any measure The House "passes"

Pundits who say: DEMOCRATS "scsry", GOP: "Grow a pair."

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It was reported by ABC News that over 75% of the house majority members favor impeachment.

The House consists of 435 members. Democrats control 235 seats. Republicans have 199 seats. There is one independent.

The vote to impeach needs 50% of the house membership or 218 votes. 75% of the majority is 177 votes. 41 votes short of a majority.

Screw you ABC News you fear mongering non informational propagandist.

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