Other “heroes” that received standing ovations from room full of American liberals:
Roman Polanski
Harvey Weinstein


Can't wait for the public coup hearings!

A bunch of hate filled, ivory tower living, lie spewing b*tches sitting around for days repeating their smears and reminding everyone how moral they are.

I just can't get enough of The View so I'm pretty stoked

if it wasn't for smear jobs, the corrupt dems and the corrupt media would have nothing to do

The haters that hate Trump hate themselves. Let them.

Every day is a holiday. Every day is a celebration!


Twitter missed its estimates and the stock is getting pummeled. Number of users was lower than anticipated. I wonder if that's because they like to prohibit some conservatives from using it 🤔

Next time I meet a mainstream journalist I will spit in their face, the same way they do to me

Christine Lagarde is a smart guy. We should take his opinions seriously

CNN, NYT, WaPo, NBC, ABC, CBS, LA Times, NY Daily News ... All Domestic Terrorist Organizations by definition

Why does it feel like the Dems are activating their Union leader minions to call strikes?

They can't cause a recession, but striking Americans all over the country could be a nice backdrop to the coming [bullshit] impeachment


There is no greater indictment of Joe Biden’s dead campaign than Obama publicly endorsing Justin Trudeau.

THAT is a cringeworthy ending to Biden’s corrupt career.


Biden just said he recommended RBG for the Supreme Court. That should be the nail

Jamie Dimon says there’s a recession ahead. About 2 years ago, Jamie said bitcoin is a scam and prohibited his traders from trading it, while secretly buying up a large stake at the same time. Market Manipulator Jamie can go __ himself

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.