Allegedly you had bidet crap himself at the Vatican and he has fallen upstairs and now you allegedly have Putin falling down the stairs and crapping himself. Clearly the Russians are copying bidet because their tech isn't good enough for Putin to fall upstairs.

They are yelling down with xi jinping and down with the ccp in china.

Speculation. China Protests. Could the covid zero policy have been put into place to cause these protests, so the CCP can crack down like the Mao days?

Dogs are the best gift we’ve been given on this often miserable planet, I’m thankful for their lives.

Imagine at the pardoning ceremony Mcconnell was there and Bidet pardoned him instead of the turkey.

@Realknownothing @Eiualumni to be fair, sears went on cavuto's show and attacked him first. this was a response to her.

Trump's always clapped back at whoever hit him first. why should we not expect him to continue to do so?

I'm fairly undecided about Trump but the more he attacks like winsome sears desantis etc the worse I'm feeling about him.

In a dark sense of humor if walker is beaten in the run off Kamala will be even more useless.

Maybe just maybe, the house won't try to impeach biden because the senate is not republican. I was worried that they would try impeach and it would destroy our chances in 2024.

My wife had a long phone call with an old girlfriend who’s veteran son killed himself…tragic for sure. Got me thinking. While we have “Gold Star” Families, who’s loved ones were killed in combat, I’d like to suggest a “Purple Star” families for those who lost a veteran or Active Duty family member to suicide. I’m going to ask my 2nd cousin in MA who is a State Representative as well as a Gold-Star family member if he has any ideas how we can get this going at the National level. More to follow

@Realknownothing you mean Gen z. I saw millennial were d+2 while 18-29s, Gen z were d+28.

Cenks melting down already, hes getting his ass kicked by styxhexanhammer. 500k subs vs 5 million. I wonder how much they spent on bots so they can have all those 'followers'?

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.