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Just watched Back to the Future... for about the 40th time in my life 😂

What can I say... it's still as good as the first time I've seen it.

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I am not, just in the blood. I was saying true that her pushing this crap makes her look terrible.

@redwhitebluedude @paul_schmehl @drawandstrike

True. I'm the son of a lawyer who is the son of a lawyer who is the son of a lawyer, so sometimes I can't help myself!

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I disagree that crypto has that bad of a reputation already. It's certainly not perfect, but I don't think most people think of bitcoin as "bad".

This guy had no understanding of crypto and when he said this. You can't push a button and turn off bitcoin. He is referencing a centralized cashless monetary system, not a decentralized one based on blockchain technology.


I hear you. The biggest danger with crypto right now is people being scammed by crap projects.

It is a hobby of mine, so I am in, but they are not my primary savings vehicles, and I am a financial analyst who understands the risks.

The tech is useful, imo.


So are all other currencies. It's actually stupid to use crypto for crime. There is an easy to find record of all your transactions.


Some crazy lady posted that yesterday on twitter.

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More hilarity from progressive fund raisers.
➢ We told you it’s been PROVEN that Russia interfered in our elections.

➢ We told you Democrats in the House passed a bill to SECURE our elections.

➢ We told you that if we don’t pass this bill, our 2020 chances are TOAST!

But donations to fund our ads to protect our elections have dwindled to nothing. NOTHING!

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It's a total mess, no doubt. I think Dorsey hates it and is running into the ground.


I think it's mostly fake. Some screwed up people on there, though.

Personally, I think Twitter is hilarious right now. Take this tweet from Amnesty International. They are getting crushed! 😂

IMO the majority of all the crazy leftist accounts are fake, so I don't take it all that seriously. Place is doomed, though.

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Chicago the largest out of doors shooting ranges One possible reason ...

Nearly two thirds of the the more than 1,100 people arrested in Chicago for felony gun charges from May 1 to July 28, had been released on bond,

... Chicago Judges ya got to love em.


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