Governor gruesome. What is wrong with this man? Pure evil! Look how he smirks through the entire tirade. And the use of the word “damn”.

When I say messed up minds it is in reference to the neo nazis

Learn something new everyday.

World Jewish Congress

Then there is this organization who states WJC is in favor of the Kalargi Plan.

The Kalargi plan

I have never heard of WJC or Kalargi plan, or English news org for that matter.

The English news org = neo nazism

Some really messed up minds in the world.

Anyone with some insight into any of this?
Maybe part of a beard blather episode?

MN news today.
Gonna get to the chase.
The dfl ran on eliminating SS tax. The truth is, “social security recipients with high overall incomes would still owe taxes on their benefits. But 43% of households receiving social security would save an average of -wait for it-$278 a year.”

That’s a little over $23 a month.

All the people who are taking their benefits who thought that the taxation would be eliminated because dfl candidates promised, they just been screwed big time!
Enjoy your cake!

“It’s not fair to deny trans and gender non-conforming folks’ physical reality just so cis women feel “unique and special.””

Then why is it fair to deny cis women’s physical reality just so trans and gender non-conforming folks’ feel “unique and special.”

You can identify as a turnip I don’t care, however a turnip does not menstruate.
Tampons for veggies?
The argument is if you have a uterus you menstruate.
If you have a uterus and menstruate you are a woman.


This photographer has captured some of the most amazing photos. All wild horses.

Saul has reminded me in his direct way to chill a bit. Yes, I have to unplug from the nonsense. Thing is when I return from a brief news hiatus, I catch up and it starts the brains-draino effect with me all over again. Time for another hobby.

Thanks Saul, appreciate the wake up slap, sometimes it is truly needed.

Happy Sunday all!

Look at the grim reaper know they walk among us. Also look at the citizen sitting behind it, read the T-shirt.

Then there is this gruesome looking ghoul who is all for abortion up to the moment of birth. She says that we don’t need to be standing over a physicians should delegating what to do. Her reply to another member was this-👇🏼morons are in charge. Brain dead, soulless morons.

Jackoff leaders, that are no leader at all. MN land of 10,000 public servants who think they are lords of the land. Who is the servant now🤔
And you get to pay for all abortions whether you are pro life or pro infancide.

DAVA recipient “we are voting”. Well MN embraces illegal immigration aka illegal aliens, just ask diaper head Omar. Now they are no longer asking but telling us they will vote. This comes right on the heels of plans to issue illegals drivers licenses in the state.

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