This is pathetic. Answer the damn question sir!

Thankfully presser is starting to crack these nuts.

AFB drag Queen story hour has been canceled

“ drag show initially scheduled for June 1 celebrating Pride Month, organized by the Nellis LGBTQ+ Pride Council, was canceled”

Hi -

Just received a DSW email blast “honoring” those who play hide the pickle in the buns, can’t figure out what bathroom to use and genuinely self absorbed alphabet crowd.

To parody the email - I’m confident (that Im sick of the rainbow crap), I’m hardworking (at holding my temper with being slapped in the face everywhere is turn with rainbow crap), I’m proud (to be an American white conservative 2@ member of society) pronouns sick/tired
Ur welcome! it’s important you know how special I am

Would this “fetus” be considered abortion fodder by the satanic infancide ghouls?!

This is an amazing surgical procedure!

Boston University President Accuses 2023 Graduates of “Cancel Culture” After They Boo David Zaslav During Commencement

1)So! Just had a weird conversation on twitter.Guess someone was offended when I said I didnt feel I owed "reperations"for slavery and was only 2nd gen born here in my family.That offended him or her.
THEM: Your cliches don't work. The only reason you responded was because you saw an chance to "get yours in" on a black. You are a anchor baby. Not even native to America. Why are you commenting on Reparations, an issue concerning Americans? Because you are our open enemy.

My son served in OEF 2010-2013 with the 173rd airborne.

As he started out on his first deployment he told me about this song and sent a link, not sure if it was this one.

He said if anything happened to know he was doing what he was called to do and not to mourn too much.

In honor of the memory of all the fallen hero’s of this great nation.

“Blood on the risers”


Challenging the AI on why the original responses were provided as a truth vs. a perspective - this is the answer. AI is constantly learning. It’s important to challenge.

It’s clear questions must be asked in a way to elicit a more balanced response, but, how many people will do that?

I believe the tool to be more woke, so if you find yourself debating the answers provided by AI with someone who “believes” this to be the truth, challenge she them to ask the question in a more balanced approach.

Do I believe AI to be the utmost authority in answering any question?

A big hell to the no!

There will be those who will, bc it props up their feelz.

I challenged AI that the answered were not equal, since both truly are a perspective and a belief, to deliver one as truth and to call out the other as a perspective or belief that is not universally held as true seemed a bit misleading.

Screen shots of questioning and an answer. Question in red brackets

Twitter is agog (in my feed) with how AI chat is inherently biased with wokeism. So I put it to the test using ChatGPT most recent updated level of information.

Where I find that to be a partially true statement, it depends on how one poses the questions.

Eg equity, why is it good and why is it bad. If it’s good, AI delivers the information as if it is truth. If it is bad, the information delivered is a “belief/perspectives” and not a universal perspective/truth.

It’s been 2 days and this is the first I have heard of this loss. This is what happens when a person takes breaks from media.

RIP Ms. Tina, you were an icon and an inspiration for several generations. You will be missed as I sadly say goodbye.

Her strength and life experience helped me through my darker times.

More than 160 retired generals and admirals recently signed a letter calling on Congress to remove so-called diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs from the Department of Defense and remove funding for such programs from the 2024 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

The crime in most US large cities is rampant. In our schools it’s beginning to look the same. Earlier this spring we had one HS student stab another to death in school between classes n the hallway. Surveys were sent out responding - parents and student want resource officers back at school. Hm, imagine that!

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.