You have an opinion. Thats fine. Uninformed, but fine.

DSF, on the other hand, is a genuine moron.

Given my "Jimmy isn't a bigot" defense from a week ago, the question I pose now is genuine:

Y'all, what am I to make of this response from Dawson re Jimmy Carter as victim of a coup?

"Yes for trying to get control over the CIA & their illegal covert operations shop the Mount Kenya Safari Club.
Stephan Halper, a team of 'former' CIA assets & agents, disgruntled NSA staffers acting like Vindman & Ciamarela, & some 'journalists' collecting leaks as oppo research."


Dan Bongino on his show today pointed out after Biden caught up in Georgia with massive suspicious ballot dumps then 53 more ballot dumps came in all at 50.05% Biden and 49.95% Trump very odd since one Biden caught up with those ballot dumps in Pennsylvania 37 ballot dumps came in all 50.05% Biden to 49.95% for Trump, double odd, hmmm?🤨

Larry Fine just dropped a bombshell in Arizona, having reverse engineered the crooked algorithm. Ran 22 years of election data by county with census data. Annualized growth rates, and extrapolated one more year of data...voters per year, adjusted for Annualized growth. Eligible voters by county...ballots cast each year, number of precincts. Registered eligible vs voting age. Long term voter fraud back to 2008. Presidential - 94% of registered voters vs off years, some 99%. Progressive cheat.

@RattlerGator @REX @Debradelai
I follow you on Twitter. Happy I found you here!
I’m Peter’sSister@BigBoneBaby_24. Have a great day in FLA as I will in Alaska😂

just watched the first part of the AZ hearing.
I am in awe! as an european observer.
With so many stolen elections worldwide (the last one being Belaruss probalby) has there anywhere been such a brave, informed, concerted, transparent effort to set it right? This will have a huge impact beyound the US.

@Philly_Fan @RonOgletree @REX @Debradelai

@RattlerGator is on to something.

Trump doesn't spout stuff unless he knows the info he has is true. (e.g. 'O' spied on my campaign) so the election he mentions had to have come from somewhere.

It is plausible that Trump's team hacked in, watched it all, & recorded it in real time.

So why tip 'your' hand now as to how the evidence was collected? Perhaps the Germany story is not wishful thinking but actually disinfo to hide the real methods???

@RonOgletree @RattlerGator @REX @Debradelai

All of those people would also be communicating with others within various intel agencies. On election night they would have all been on autopilot, silently doing what they’d planned for years. Difficult to catch at that time. Now, they know a hunt is on, and they have to communicate to keep all their ducks in a row. What’s happened up till now has served to flush out the undisciplined and get them to give the game away.

@RattlerGator @REX @Debradelai

But for some reason they created the scene outside the car with brains scattered in a direction not from inside the car which would not have happened.

The scene was staged and some poor soul was the victim.

This is typical of a staged martyr play to get the people inside the country to defend the regime.

@RattlerGator @Debradelai

Yes all plausible

My point was more that Sidney Powell and others have all said that there was a raid in Frankfurt on CIA servers.

I'm not saying it. THEY did.

@REX, I definitely agree with @Debradelai -- that raid is implausible.

What is *not* implausible to me is successfully hacking into their system servers in Frankfurt (or wherever they're located) and observing how the voting numbers are submitted and thereafter the vote count is manipulated.

All the noise about Frankfurt may be to generate attention toward likely cooperation between CIA, GCHQ, and Germany's BND in the vote manipulation.

Right again, as you said:

trump’s surge in miami-dade was so incredible that the county alone netted him 205k votes over his 2016 performance

perhaps just as incredible: he still would’ve won florida without any of those gains since he carried the state by 372k


"The European Union wants faster procedures to produce generic versions of drugs without the consent of patent holders, an EU document says, in a move meant to bypass usual intellectual rights protections in exceptional circumstances."

There we go. Nationalization, expropriation.

The sociotards response to anything is robbery.

Who will invest in research only to have the product of their labor stolen by parasites?

Socialists destroy everything they touch.


The evidence won't just STOP.

Not just that. Consider:

- Giuliani & Powell keep dropping hints about evidence that we have yet to see.

- Sidney Powell is about to file her Kraken lawsuit, which I think will rock America.

- Big $ lawsuits (Amistad) have just started, joining private lawsuits by citizens.

- Trump hasn't even begun to play his cards yet, either. He has been wisely keeping them back.

The ones we know about are Durham, declass, Biden/China, Clinton emails.

Not just that.

In December of 2000 in Bush v. Florida Supreme Court it was explicitly stated that the "right to vote for President DOES NOT exist in the Constitution"

Then it expounded that the Legislature can alter "...the manner" in which it appoints Electors at anytime for ANY reason.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was miffed that SCOTUS got involved at all!!! Her stance was that Tallahassee's Legislature could do whatever it wanted.

The solution the Framers wanted was


Ron Coleman (@Roncoleman) Tweeted:
Don't underestimate the tremendous political achievement of the Democrats since 2016.

Thanks to them, conservatives no longer fear that the greatest threat to America is Muslim extremists or immigrants.

They now know the greatest threat to America is Democrats.

@carolinacally @Itbj2 Scott Adams is being defeatist yet again in his podcast this morning. He has “F*ck you” money as he likes to say, so maybe he can buy his freedom, but patriots are supposed to give up & hang? I don’t think so.

Secretary Pompeo (@SecPompeo) Tweeted:
Three more countries are now members of the Clean Network: Brazil, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic. 53 Clean Countries, 180 Clean Telcos, and dozens of leading companies—representing 2/3 of the world’s GDP—have already joined the tide toward trusted 5G. Many more on the way.

i still struggle with this. Identifying you have this problem is half the battle.

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