An unexpected take on the passing of the Queen (at least for me). Being of largely Irish and Scottish ancestry, I am no Anglophile. However, in my life and the lives of many millions more, Queen Elizabeth was a constant; representing the connective tissue of tradition from today to the past. I’ve seen 6 Popes, 12 Presidents, and a multitude of others come and go, but akin to the soliloquy of James Earl Jones in “Field of Dreams” regarding baseball, the Queen was always there. I am sad today.

I found it interesting to learn, her first PM (Winston Churchill) was born in 1874, and her last (Liz Truss) was born 1975.

She will be missed.

God save the King.

@RangerJohn I'm sad too.What an amazing strong leader and woman.She will be very missed 😢

@RangerJohn —I echo your sentiments. As I said on the Yapping chat, she was a class act…hats and all.


Exactly how I am feeling, just didn’t have the words to properly express it - thank you for this.

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