I doubt college kids have to sit for 2 hours and answer their exam questions in a “blue book” anymore. I don’t think I could physically do it now.

I am dying to slice into this fresh-out-of-the-oven Italian semolina bread, but I have to let it cool first…I’ll report more once sliced.

A break from the madness: So I bought a coin-rolling machine a number of months ago and, last night, I decided to start rolling...Got about $250 worth of coins rolled up that had been in jars around the house for years...nice and relaxing.

@StevenDouglas I thought you might appreciate this sentiment. I smell “Bad Buddha” in S. Carolina…don’t know why, as Floyd would say,” I can’t put my finger on it.”

So my buddy is sick as a dog…no doubt COVID. My wife and I both had it a few weeks ago. I asked him if he had a thermometer and, of course, he said no. I told him to look in the utensil drawer and I bet he has one of these. He said, “Shit man, I sure do”. I need to help find that man a woman.

<BREAKING NEWS> FBI finds receipt for a state-of-the-art XEROX machine LOL.

For my Navy friends: Class warfare has always been a part of Navy life.

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