I’ve been a bit sparse on QV this week…had a to do a USG-sponsored Dale Carnegie class. Never too old to learn something. It was fun. I did have to suffer through a lot of “Old guy” jabs LOL…p.s., I noted a lot of the young guys writing shit I said down in their notebooks…my work here is done.

Actually, I do watch this stock as an indicator. When Nancy Pelosi buys it, watch out…Armageddon! LOL

Speaking of creating a boogyman. One stock i have is IOFINA (ticker IOFNF). At $.33 cents a share cheap. Why them? When the warmongers play the nuclear weapon scare, there will be a rush on Iodine to protect against “WWIII”. It will be like shit-paper during COVID. IOFINA is the second larges Iodine producer in the world. I love stupid people.

The wife has an abscess on her gum, can’t get to the dentist until tomorrow. Dumplings to the rescue.

For “Quods of a certain age” I thought I would help you with texting LOL.

In the “Should be a Babylon Bee headline”: Massachusetts declares a weather emergency and mandates hurricane vaccinations.

I wonder if the Congressional Democrats have a hockey team. Me and my mates want to challenge them to a pick-up game. We already have our Captain and starting line LOL.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.