Ok, enough of balloons. Once again, my Son and his girlfriend (along with 3 dogs and two cats) are moving in downstairs. I’ve been told only for a month but I’ve seen this movie before. My wife is happy. Me? I don’t t know. Me watching texts between my wife and the kids about moving back in.

Ok, ok, I lied….I could not resist the newest balloon memes. Here is the new F-22 squadron combat patch LOL.

And as my final balloon-related toot: <BREAKING NEWS> Army Rangers credited with balloon take down.

The real heroes are the Israelis who provide advanced laser defensive anti-balloon technology.

<BREAKING NEWS> Air Force recalled Capt J. McConnell to active duty to fly dangerous counter-ballon mission based on his experience shooting down Reds.

From Shot Show this year (but if you look closely, it says Shit Show) LOL

I was talking to my Millennial son about taxes and it dawned on me.

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