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So much for that old motto..

USPS stops deliveries to California neighborhood after repeated attacks on mail carriers

"Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds"

…but a meth-head with a broomstick? That’s another story…

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Each signee should be brought up on charges for purposely & intentionally committing fraud against the American people to undermine the 2020 presidential election. Their egregious lie undermined our election & we the people’s right to a free & fair vote. Former AG Barr is correct in describing them as “political whores…”

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Just days after the Pretend President removes the Iran-backed Houthi terrorist designation, the Houthi terrorist group wreaks havoc in Yemen.

Thus know what all of America's enemies know. The Oval Office is now occupied by incompetent, compromised, lazy and illegitimate fools.

Time for America's enemies to make hay, while the sun shines.

Trump is keeping a very low profile, so that the focus is 100% on Obama, Biden and their sheer incompetence. It's working.


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Unless you're getting personal briefings from Trump, you're in no position to say that nothing is happening.

Or that it's too late.

Or that Trump walked away.

It's fun to speak in absolutes, I know.

It's also DUMB.

Don't be dumb. We're all stocked up on dumb.


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Let me see if I can help you understand Trump.

Brother Theodore was a performance artist for a good 50+ years.

He's best known for the movie The 'Burbs.


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Trump did NOT walk away.

It doesn't matter what YOU believe.

And it doesn't matter what anybody says.

Nothing we're seeing is NORMAL.

Either you explain it all to me, or you refrain from telling me that I'm full of it.

You can't dismiss everything that BEGAN HAPPENING AFTER THE ELECTION.

You may WANT to, but that doesn't change the reality of these ABNORMAL ACTIVITIES.

Critical thinking, baby. Learn to do it.


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To all the people who see "crisis actors" all around them:

YOU are the problem.

YOU are why people do stupid things, such as raiding the Capitol building.

Here's the situation:


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I want to stress the before everybody gets their hopes up:

The conferences SCOTUS is holding on Feb. 19 and 26 are to **consider** taking up these cases.

They haven't **agreed** to accept them yet. The conferences are where the 9 justices discuss among themselves what cases they want to take and which ones they want to pass over.

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Conservative Trump supporters have yet to try to burn down a single federal courthouse or take over and burn down a police station here in America. We all know who did that sort of thing multiple times over the past year. That's part of the joke during this federal crackdown on MAGA 'domestic terrorists'.

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This is what Ron DeSantis actually said about a plan for Biden Administration to impose travel ban.

The recent report that the Biden administration is considering restricting the travel of Floridians is completely absurd, especially when Biden allows illegal aliens to pour across our southern border. We won’t allow Floridians to be unfairly targeted for political purposes.


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Thank you Thomas for saying it out loud.

Huawei, ZTE, WeChat & Confucius Institutes are coming back.
Chinazi-made equipments are allowed to be used in US power grid again.
American jobs are being sent to Chinese companies making solar panels & wind turbines.
Ponzi Chinazi firms are lining up for US IPOs to rub US investors blind!

The sham impeachment is a distraction.

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While so many of you have surrendered, the REAL work continues.

This is not about Trump or even our elections.

It's about the Chinese and Iranians.

We're currently OCCUPIED by Red China.

Don't you get that?

For Trump to turn this around, he has to cast a net you can't even comprehend.

So don't give him any grief.

And open your eyes to who's an enemy agents.

Start with Ann Coulter.

Her current solution?

Convict Trump in exchange for continuing work on the border wall.

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Can you think of anything more destructive than this?

TRUMP is responsible for securing our border, which Coulter claims isn't true.

So she offers a two-part solution that nullifies both Trump and border security.

Is there any doubt whose side she's on?

Her entire adult life was spent discrediting conservatives. Trump's movement is getting stronger, WHICH WAS HIS INTENT.

He had to FORCE the country to stop being passive.

So he allowed the semblance of an election theft.

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Is it all connected?

It very well could be.

All these top corporate guys stepping down so close to each other...

and now this admission they rigged the election in Time Magazine when they're FOUR DAYS AWAY from putting Trump **on trial** for claiming it was a rigged election.

The Biden White House is flailing around like a wounded duck.

This is the WORST POSSIBLE TIME to make this admission.

Why'd they do it?

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They call her Raggedy Anne, which is funny.

Truth is that Jen Psaki is an ideological apparatchik and very nasty piece of work.

Jen is also very dumb, which makes her more extreme. She is quite rightly being mocked as an incompetent laughing stock.


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As can be seen from this photo of Obama's losers in 2017, Bimbo Jen is an angry human being.

That's NOT a kind face.

It's the face of the classic Obama stormtrooper. An extremist and ideologue, with an extremely high (and undeserved) opinion of herself - likely a Marxist - who despises America and Americans.

Unappealing, in every way.

Jen"s the loon at the family party, who everyone tries to avoid.

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