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From a friend posted elsewhere.
When some of you were defending the removal of certain statues, I warned you — quite vehemently — that you will never appease historical revisionists; you’ll only embolden them and expand their potential quarry. And that’s because their aim is not to “heal” but rather to control.

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Daughter graduated from Jump school. Now she’s a paratrooper! Lookout 82nd. There’s a new gal in the clouds!

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@RPL Lots of people have their retirements invested in stock markets, it's not just the wealthy. I assumed the stock market would crash after Biden started all his craziness, shows my lack of understanding how it actually works.

I believe that global events will soon greatly accelerate, and much chaos is on the horizon. However, that certainly doesn’t mean that nothing of importance is happening at the moment. In fact, the following are 7 plagues that are hitting our planet right now…

The wealthy are reveling in their giant mountains of money, but meanwhile our society is literally coming apart at the seams all around us. The stock market has been hovering near all-time record highs, and for those at the very top of the economic pyramid these may seem like the best of times.

At this hour, more Russian military forces are massed near Ukraine’s borders than we have ever seen before. Western military leaders say that they are concerned that the troop movements that we have witnessed in recent days may be leading up to an invasion,

Could this be the spark that causes World War 3 to erupt? At this hour, Russian and Ukrainian military forces continue to rush toward the conflict zone, and to say that things are “tense” in the region would be a tremendous understatement.

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These rampages seem to serve and forward the leftist, progressive agenda, so why mess with success.

Life is cheap when you're ideologically possessed.

Glenn Greenwald has a must-read article detailing how the media has taken to attacking ordinary people who dare to challenge leftists.

The evaporation of these charges through, is bad news for Biden and there's a reason he's been clinging to them: Biden is in office by fraud, and for months, he's been diverting attention from that sorry matter by yelling about the January protests.

Don Surber
Blame Democrats for the stomping of Asians

On Tuesday, the New York broke the story that rocked Gotham. A big brute knocked down and stomped an Asian woman near Times Square in broad daylight. A security guard watched, and did nothing. His manager got up and shut the door.

An FBI So Corrupt It Lets Mass Shooters Rampage Needs To Go
While the FBI has been failing to stop terrorist attacks by known threats, it has conducted numerous political operations on behalf of Democrats. It's time to clean house.

ROGER KIMBALL: Justice for Derek Chauvin.

First, the video clip that horrified the world was heavily edited. We see Floyd, pinned to the ground by Chauvin, piteously crying ‘I can’t breathe.’ Conclusion? That he can’t breathe because Chauvin is pressing on his windpipe. But a look at the police bodycam footage shows that Floyd was complaining that he couldn’t breathe before he was restrained by the police.

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@RPL I always read J.E. Dyer but hasn’t gotten to this one. Thanks for bringing it.

“But the overarching reason it is worth thinking these thoughts now is that if this were to be executed as an electronic/information systems attack on global infrastructure – this is what it would look like. It wouldn’t look any different from this. We’d all go through an initial period, probably for days, of assuming it was an accident.”

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You see all of those elderly deaths RAMPED UP THE DEATH COUNT in New York & several others States who had also housed COVID Patients with the Elderly as a POLITICAL HAMMER for them & the MSM to SMASH Trump with during an Election Year.
Remember, Trump was NEVER supposed to respond so quickly & EFFECTIVELY during this Pandemic.
We were supposed to flounder & fail as one to two MILLION Americans died & our Nation imploded.
Trump obviously didn't read that script.

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Am I shocking you?
"What kind of DEPRAVED MIND could even conceive of such a thing?"
Somebody hasn't been paying attention for the past ten years.
Trump beat their Pandemic & their Media Blitz on Election Day & I still say he won by a landslide.
It wasn't close.
They had to freeze the count & bring in MILLIONS of Ballots as FAKE as their Media & bury or flip MILLIONS of Trump votes.
Now that Trump's out of the White House Cuomo's star is falling.

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He IGNORED the implicit advice of competent medical professionals to bring about the results thousands of bereaved families are now struggling with.
WHY would he do that?
There are only 2 options to explain this.
On the Scales are stupidity & malice.
Plenty of people are WANTING it to be stupidity because they can't bring themselves to believe someone could do something like that with MALICE aforethought.
God, such innocence.
Anyone studying World History wouldn't be shocked at all.

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