Dan Schwartz
If you thought that Trump lawyer Sidney Powell's “release the kraken” statement to Lou Dobbs was a pop culture reference to hellish creatures, you’re thinking small: A "packet sniffer" is put on a network to intercept traffic from and/or to a specific person, as was originally in 1999 as Janet Reno's "Carnivore;" and since distributed to run on Unix, including Linux and Free BSD, the latter of which is MacOS.

@RPL I have been wondering whether "Kraken" meant something specific...

@RPL @SidneyPowell is a very smart lady and so are many who are supporting her. I get better news coverage from everyone on this site than I do anywhere else! Thank the Lord for SQV and the Mastodon users who are Trump supporters!,♥️🙏♥️

I am not a coder mostly because it gives me a headache. This is amazing info. Makes so much more sense now.

Another interesting matter is I play the kraken game with my puppy during the summer in the swimming pool. I splash and she barks, I named it the kraken game because she will go nuts.

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