Has the white half of Barack Obama gone white supremacist? Is the lavish house on Martha's Vineyard just purchased by the former first couple one of those racist "dog whistles" that progressives so often are able to hear?


Jennifer Lopez has all her hotel rooms redecorated in pure white before she stays in them.

This is a sign of pathological insecurity.

The person must be the only splash of color in an arctic landscape.

People choose white because they feel that in a multicolored environment, they'll become lost to themselves and others.

@ThomasWic I didn't know about her decorating taste, but it doesn't surprise me that she's so insecure. I hope she finds peace, but I don't believe that she will.

@ThomasWic why doesnt she date a white guy. Her boyfriend
A Stick calls games on ESPN and she got behind him and her mouth was wide open chewing gum Good Golly Miss Molly what a sight. Had to turn it fans were not happy.

@RPL He is showing us Socialism works. As intended.

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