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"I have met countless AR and AK owners who say they don't need it to hunt, they don't need it for self defense, it's fun to shoot but would give it up."

If I go out and buy an AR-15 and then give it to Beto, how will that prevent a mass shooting by someone else?

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"You will not fully grasp how different the Fed. Gov't has become under Trump until you watch liberal progs HOWL IN MOUTH FOAMING OUTRAGE as Trump uses the ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY to force cities like San Fran, LA and Baltimore to clean their own streets."


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The Fallacy of the Excluded Middle AND a straw man.

The leap from an AR-15 to a bazooka is ridiculously far, AND they've never been available to the general public.

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@ThomasWic @Momma_Voke @Elaines2cents I think Modi got his message out today. There are approximately 1.6 million Indian immigrants living in the United States today. Modi was clearly telling them that he wants President Trump re-elected in 2020. It was a marvelous campaign speech, and I loved every minute of it.

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Warren is totally unelectable.

She doesn't even appeal to the leftist base.

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Thread by Andy Ngo


Breaking: An investigation by the state found that @CiderRiot, the pub popular w/antifa militants, had knowingly allowed its patrons to use ‘illegal weapons’ against people on May Day. Report says the owner & a staff person tried to mislead investigators.

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@CancerousToeJam @SusanInVA

It's truly as simple as what I wrote.

They wanted so badly for something to be true that they fell for it.

And now that they've invested so much in their narrative, they can't ever stop.

Trump is in total control.

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@ThomasWic @CancerousToeJam @SusanInVA
sadly the Battleship DNC IMPEACHMENT built for one single solitary purpose has, on it's maiden voyage fired it's 16 inch guns & scored a DIRECT HIT......



(I...can't....EVEN!!! LOL!)

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@Pjlxyz @SusanInVA

I explained in detail what's happening and why.

Trump is putting out fake news.

His enemies--like gambling addicts--go for each story.

The more they invest, the harder it becomes for them to stop.

It's very simple.

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I say Bullshit to this story. He will eviscerate every last one of them. One at a time.

Biden gives the direct shot at eviscerating the media so the rest of them will have no backstop when he comes for them.

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@ThomasWic @RPL
We're a Constitutional Republic.


We're going to have a VERY CLOSE Presidential Election in 2020. (Get it?)

Ho Ho!

Hee Hee!

Maxine Waters opposes voter ID laws; She thinks that they are racist. You need to have a photo ID to attend her town hall meetings.

Bill Clinton paid $850,000 to Paula Jones To get her to go away. I don’t remember the FBI raiding his lawyer’s office.
I wake up every day and I am grateful that Hillary Clinton is not the president of the United States of America.
The same media that told me Hillary Clinton had a 95% chance of winning now tells me Trump’s approval ratings are low.
“The problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.”— Margaret Thatcher

Trump — They’re not after me.

A socialist is basically a communist who doesn’t have the power to take everything from their citizens at gunpoint ... Yet!
How do you walk 3000 miles across Mexico without food or support and show up at our border 100 pounds overweight and with a cellphone?
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez wants to ban cars, ban planes, give out universal income and thinks socialism works. She calls Donald Trump crazy.
They’re after you. I’m just in their way.
Read that again.

Today, they are 179th and their citizens are dying of starvation. In only 10 years, Venezuela was destroyed by democratic socialism.
Russia donated $0.00 to the Trump campaign. Russia donated $145,600,000 to the Clinton Foundation. But Trump was the one investigated!
Nancy Pelosi invited illegal aliens to the State of the Union. President Trump Invited victims of illegal aliens to the State of the Union. Let that sink in.

President Trump’s wall costs less than the Obamacare website. Let that sink in, America.
We are one election away from open borders, socialism, gun confiscation, and full-term abortion nationally. We are fighting evil.
They sent more troops and armament to arrest Roger Stone than they sent to defend Benghazi.
60 years ago, Venezuela was 4th on the world economic freedom index.

Not one feminist has defended Sarah Sanders. It seems women’s rights only matter if those women are liberal.
No Border Walls. No voter ID laws. Did you figure it out yet? But wait... there's more.
Chelsea Clinton got out of college and got a job at NBC that paid $900,000 per year. Her mom flies around the country speaking out about white privilege.
And just like that, they went from being against foreign interference in our elections to allowing non-citizens to vote in our elections.

Tim Allen is credited with writing this.

Here are some interesting points to think about prior to 2020, especially to my friends on the fence, like moderate Democrats, Libertarians and Independents and the never Trump Republicans and those thinking of "walking away" from the Democratic party.
Women are upset at Trump’s naughty words -- they also bought 80 million copies of 50 Shades of Gray.

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Who launched the Ukraine scandal? It was a brilliant piece of passive-aggressiveness that while appearing to be another attack on President Donald John Trump, ultimately is the latest attempt to bring Joe Biden down.


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