FLORIDA DEM: That 60 Minutes hit piece on DeSantis and Publix is “absolute malarkey.”

The bolded parts are all the pieces that 60 Minutes excised to protect its narrative:


Do Not Look Away From Evil
The first step to stopping Anti-Asian hate is to see it clearly.
Bari Weiss


@EarlThePearls @Texas0bserver @GoryGoryHallelujah with regards to the Q article, I just thought it was interesting and a good summation of the foolery that's going on right now. Quite honestly, I am an agnostic regarding Q. Things are coming to a head, and we had best be prepared for it. As I said, I just thought that the article was interesting.

The Appeal of the New Totalitarians
It’s easy to understand and reject the horrors of totalitarianism. It is much less easy to grasp its inexorable logic or its seemingly implacable attractions.
By Roger Kimball


A Narrative Collapse in Chauvin Trial
There is almost no reason to trust the media today. Their turn toward increasingly crude propaganda undermines their self-image as an important check on power.


AOC is the epitome of all that is wrong with the digital, social media age. She has the IQ of a baboon’s armpit but has become the gold standard of Democratic politics because she’s made herself social-media famous. If you’re of the opinion that a big Twitter presence carries some kind of street cred, that’s cool. If you’re hanging out in the real world, here is the deal about AOC: she’s a paste eater’s paste eater.


Have I ever mentioned that I truly respect Senator Rand Paul?

"That feeling when you have to judge a man who is accused of a crime but who doesn’t appear to be guilty but the elites and the mob want him dead so you decide to kill him anyway because it seems like it will pacify the mob and make the problem go away but then he comes back after three days and 2000 years later 2,300,000,000 people are still worshipping him."
-- Robert Shibley

An Elite Public High School Changed Its Admissions Standards To Reduce the Asian-American Student Population
In the name of helping racial minorities, officials are adopting a plan that would boost whites at the expense of Asian Americans.


CHINESE VIRUS CONSEQUENCES: The Death of Density. “The events of 2020 crippled the machinery that undergirds density. Taxpaying workers, revenue-generating shoppers, free-spending tourists—the people and activities that finance the infrastructure, mass transit, and municipal workers—are disappearing. And as they head for the exits, we’re left with an urbanism that’s coarser, less forgiving, more dangerous, more radical, and more expensive.”


NPR admits Hunter Biden’s computer was the real deal
April 3, 2021
Now that it no longer matters, the publicly-funded outlet can walk back a fake story it told to help put Biden in the White House.


Biden foolishly is reversing one of Trump’s major Middle East policies
April 3, 2021
By doing so, he runs the risk of bringing the Trump-led burgeoning peace in the Middle East to a complete halt.


What body language study tells us about Joe, Kamala, and Juan Williams
April 3, 2021
A look at deranged leftist politicians and the so-called journalists who defend them.


Wake up, people: Science shows mask zealots were very, very wrong
April 3, 2021
There's too much out there now in the way of data to let this mask-mandate tyranny to continue even a day longer.


Obama was fleeced in the bazaar and Biden is currently throwing away any leverage remaining from the “maximum sanctions regime” that had constricted Iran’s ability to spend money on nefarious activities.


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@RPL Fair statement, but I do feel better about retirement for having one.

Now we’re at the point where a major corporation can take away thousands of jobs and millions of dollars if a state’s elected leaders want to protect voting integrity, or simply can’t bring themselves to say, “of *course* women can get prostate cancer, and of *course* insurance should have to cover cervical cancer screenings for men!”
You’ll never be woke enough, because wokeness isn’t the point. Uniformity of thought is.

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