Dan Scavino a few minutes ago calling out Gen. Funk and others for targeting Tucker Carlson. Bill Maher said the same things Tucker did, and was met with silence.

@StevenDouglas @RKBing

I say, gentlemen... it is most abhorrent. And singular.


@Moleena @StevenDouglas @RKBing

Just my reaction from the very outside. It was implied, that DJT could have used the military to stay in power.
But now this a picture is projected of a politicised dem military ....
This should not go down well.

@KathrynK @RKBing

I call it a Pufferfish campaign.

Typical goofy leftists trying to hyperinflate perceptions about their in-reality-small numbers.

The military is OVERWHELMINGLY pro-Trump.

@KathrynK @StevenDouglas @RKBing

It's completely abhorrent.

In December/January we reminded everyone the military doesn't get involved in politics. And that was when "the shoe was on the other foot." It was "our side" that wanted them to get involved in politics! 🙄

How much more now in this context. Idiotic.

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