My one line takeaway : Ben Shapiro is a gossip and rumor monger, who gaslights for clickbait and $. He's a Never Trumper , paid by Never Trumpers, to Never Trump, 24/7.

This is despicable. Only a weakling and coward would post a tweet like this. Ben's a loser.

@REX Shapiro wants the new York times to hire him or CNN. He never investigated the Russia hoax but he did once ask if Trump should resign over Avennatti & Daniels accusations.

@RGReader I think Shapiro should go the way of Ann coulter...cut him out completely from Social Media.


@campers so many grifters attached themselves to the conservative movement and that's why Dems spent a century winning. I'm glad that it's Trump saving conservatism. I'm not sure anyone else could do it.

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