In 2016 then candidate Trump not only denounced the KKK, his supporters attacked the KKK.
I find it interesting in 2016, candidate Trump had Black supporters attending his rallies. I remember Van Jones calling Trump's election win a WhiteLash...did he ignore the Black Trump voter...

I came across this link by accident. I see why this incident wasn't hyped by the Democrat media complex


In 2016 then candidate Trump publicly denounces a *LEFTIST* wearing a KKK clothing. Notice its the Leftist wearing the KKK outfit. I think its been Leftists dressing up in KKK outfits to purposely stoke racial tensions for a century.
Leftists have been lying about Trump not denouncing the KKK. He did and this is proof of Trump denouncing the KKK

Since Dems are in hysteria about bribery, late yesterday I recalled Dems elected Alcee Hastings. Hastings was a judge, impeached by the Senate. Hastings was convicted of bribery. He is now on the House Rules committee.

If Dems were serious about bribery & corruption then they would expel Hastings. What he did was real bribery.

Nope, this child will not be president. I think its ironic that Hillary Clinton tweeted like this first and lost. Why are Democrats inspired by losers???

Oh gosh. Media are making conclusions about A Draft report. A draft report is not the final report. See this link? Media is using the Draft report to do a victory lap! Bad move. I'm looking forward to the conclusions of the Final report. That's the only report that matters. I think I'm gonna bookmark this link. I wanna see how much the Final report differs from the Draft report

I saw this yesterday. It tells me when the Establishment are ranting about Trump, they were being fake. Bill Clinton turned the Oval Office into a whorehouse. Also seeing Jeb! & Bill together makes me realize the Democrat Party is losing power. George HW Bush and his political operatives made lying to voters a virtue. They're offended Trump tells the TRUTH and doesn't abandon his campaign promises. Jeb! & Bill are begging voters to love the way they lie

Yes, the FBI needs to be reformed. Dr Steven Hatfill sued successfully to stop surveillance against him. Did the FBI submit false info to the FISC to get that surveillance approved? Yes and no prosecutions happened to senior FBI agents who signed those FISA apps

In this report, notice the FBI doing media leaks of fake news.
Reading this makes me glad Trump is president. He's doesn't accept past Intel agency "norms"

***Bombshell*** News: Pres Trump is fundamentally transforming the Courts. Mark Levin & Jay Sekulow educated me about the Leftist takeover of the Courts. As a pro-lifer, I am pleased by the Republican senators helping Pres Trump make the Courts more Constitutional. Lol. The Democrat Party is so focused on impeachment fantasies to rage about the Courts...HA.

I remember when the Democrat created org Move On dot org showed no respect to Gen Petraeus. Dems really do create theater. I wonder who writes their scripts. Every couple of years Dems find a member of the military who they turn into a hero and a villain

why does the Democrat Party think weepy baby talking women are Strong women?
I'm a woman and when I was young(9) there were 2 neighborhood children who made me upset. I told my mom. I wanted to cry. Mom didn't let me. She told me, they don't matter & I didn't need them. My mom didn't try to shield me from life's hard realities, she taught me how to endure them. I see baby talking crying women like Blasey Ford and that prissy guy, Vindmann as weak.

I saw this on that other site and it made me think why I was a Conservative. I was a Conservative to Conserve the Constitution and to defeat Marxism.
I have seen nevertrumpers say they are conserving Conservatism by opposing Pres Trump and I don't understand that at all since Trump is implementing things Conservatives talked about wanting done.

Hmm. California's Democrat Party supported Prop 47. It reduced certain felonies to misdemeanors. For a while I had a feeling that the Democrat Party represented criminals when Dems were pushing gun confiscation but not the Death penalty for 1st degree murder. It appears my feelings were right. Look what crime increased as a result of a Democrat supported Proposition. The thieves must thank the Dems for lowering the penalties for thievery.

A few years ago I began listening to two late night Conservative talkers. They're obsessed with how Trump articulates his message. They think he's doing it wrong. They want him to be eloquent like a Harvard College debater. I'm glad Trump isn't articulating like that. Trump won over Blue collar Dems in Pennsylvania with his articulation. A state GOP presidents have lost for years. I've come to embrace pres Trump's way of articulating his political message.

One Lt Col is a hero and Dems tried to obliterate him. One Lt Col is a traitor and Dems love him.

When the Democrats and their Deep State allies whine about Ukraine, I do not take them seriously because during the Obama era they were silent as Obama dithered on arming Ukraine after Russia shelled Ukraine.
I did my research, the Russian Reset was in play during the entire Obama era and there was no pushback from within the State Dept or Natl Sec Council.

I think this report is so ironic considering the hysteria over the investigation into Ukraine.

in August of 2017, Attorney General Sessions warned people in the govt and the politicians "Don't Leak". The Coalition of Intel & Dems ignored him. Nov 8th 2019, pres Trump said, "I caught them all. I caught all of this corruption that was going on"

The media should be curious about HOW pres Trump caught the traitors involved in corruption. I understand why all these people are running to Schiff. They know Trump caught them....hat tip to Carlos Osweda and @ThomasWic
I hope everyone goes out to vote against Democrats.because they deserve electoral extinction for their coup d'etat attempt

I sometimes find extremely interesting history by accident while I'm doing online searches. Here's what I found: During the era of KKK lynchings, unarmed Black people were easy targets. The moment Black people embraced their 2nd amendment rights, they defeated the KKK intentions towards them.
Gun Free Zones really do help those wanting to do violence upon unarmed people.

I came across this 2017 news report when I was searching for info on the Task force John Brennan created to spy on team Trump. As I read the article, I totally understand the hysteria by the Democrat Party, the Administrative State & team John Brennan because that is being investigated by Barr & Durham.
I think the Baltic state that this article won't I.D. is Ukraine.

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