As an objective observer of the Russia-Ukraine war, I am impressed by the way the Russians have conducted their campaign to date.

They are winning, and winning in decisive fashion.

The Russian strategy seems to be the encirclement and siege of major centers, while destroying any military or other Ukrainian assets deemed useful to the Ukrainians.

They've done it within 4 days, with just 10% of their forces.

From what I can see, Ukrainian resistance has been minimal - sure, the odd brave group or individual has put their lives at risk (and likely been killed) - but on the whole, the Ukrainians have already given up their will to fight back.

As for Zelensky, I suspect he left Kiyv days ago. God knows where he is. In hiding. The Russians will likely have a good idea of his location.

What worries me most is the stupidity of the western political elites.

They also appear to have bought into the blizzard of propaganda about Putin being insane and weak.

Western leaders are acting in an extremely arrogant fashion. Their decision making is irrational and punitive. They seem to be influenced by China Joe & Co, the greatest fools to have ever run a US administration.

In particular, there seems to be a wilful blindness about the Russians and Chinese working together.

Of course, Biden's loafer-wearing trust kid morons are being played like the naive fools they are.

Reports about them sharing intel with the Chinese about Russian troop movements in Ukraine, only to have the Chinese tip Putin off, are beyond concerning.

Sanctions cutting the Ruskis out of SWIFT, when there is a very real possibility that Russia and China may have developed a parallel system that no one knows about in anticipation of this very move, shows how reckless these DC cretins are.

All they seem good at is making up stories, fairytales and lying.

Lies that most Americans aren't buying anymore.

Without their ability to control through lies, they resort to intimidation and force. Trouble is, most know that if it ever came to a real fight, the likes of Pelosi, Biden and Kinzinger would run away.

They're not just liars. They're cowards.

Is there anyone in DC who is capable of telling the truth anymore? Anyone connected to reality?


God help us all if there isn't.

Because while Vladimir Putin is an evil bastard, he understands full well what is real and what is not.

A Russian siege of Kyiv is real. As those poor Ukrainian citizens, many who have stayed based on fake propaganda, are about to find out.

The West is driving the Russians and Chinese closer and closer together. It's beyond dumb, but dumb is what they do.


The end.

A classic example of the delusion of western political elites just dropped 10 minutes ago:

'EU Member Countries in Talks to Supply Ukraine With Jet Fighters'

Huh? Ukraine? What on earth are they thinking?

There is no Ukraine any more.

Ukraine is gone, guys. Forget it.

Give the jets to Poland and Romania. Or better still, Taiwan.

We are in big trouble.


Putin has won all his wars for the last 20 years.

@RonOgletree @karnage @REX

If Putin miscalculated as some have people suggested and overreached, he is going to look for a face saving way out. He is going to drive a hard bargain.

@RonOgletree @REX

Which war did Putin lose? He got Chechnya back. He got Crimea. He got Georgia back. He's on a win streak.

@RonOgletree @REX

Isn't Assad a Putin pal? And he's still in charge in Syria, is he not?

@karnage @REX

Putin wasn't fighting Assad, he was fighting us.

We essentially kicked the Ruskies off eh battlefields.

Dier Ez-Zor was just the most obvious example.

@karnage @REX

Putin's objective was to keep Assad in power who was carrying out the Algerian strategy using IS.

Trump's objective was to take out IS, so Assad and Putin got in his way hence what happened at Dier-Er-Zor.

Both sides, Trump and Putin, accomplished their mission. Putin got Assad to stay in power and Trump wiped out IS.

No regime change.



Yup. The Chechen disaster in 1996 was Yeltsin.

@REX I just keep asking myself "Who is going to step up and be THE leader" in all this? I feel like we have been rudderless for a very long time.

It doesn't even have to be a leader from the U.S. It feels like the whole world has been rotted out from it's core. Is there ANYONE willing to break free?

@BigCatLuckless @REX

Waiting for anybody in DC in a position to lead is as foolish as looking for the Amazon river in the Mohave Desert.

@RonOgletree @BigCatLuckless @REX


On a side note they did move the London Bridge to Arizona... 🤩

@EarlThePearls @BigCatLuckless @REX

Not really. A real estate developer bought it to use as a tourist attraction for drawing in people he could sell land to.

I drove across it three years after it was rebuilt and opened.


Yup. I drove across it and was underwhelmed. I think it was the lack of ancient buildings covering it...

Followed the story of how they would move it and get it rebuilt just so as it was happening

@BigCatLuckless @REX

@Debradelai @REX
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Good luck with getting Rex on. He's been threatening to show up for two years...

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So...when are you joining us...

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Rex I think most of us would love to hear a conversation between you and Saul

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@MEMA @Debradelai @REX

Putin is not using the strategy the Western press is judging him by, the standard of destroying everything and winning in a few days.

@rwmhubbard @Debradelai @REX
The press is all over the place as usual, can't rely on msm at home or abroad, which is not news...

@REX Delusional fools think they can fight a war by proxy.

With Bidet in the Shitehouse things look extremely grim and likely to get worse. Taiwan will be next.

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