Take a bow, sir. Magnificent victory.


So let me get this straight.

Glenn Youngkin, a political newbie, has just nuked the Virginian Democrat Machine with what looks like a 15 point swing and 10 point win.

This is despite:

#1 - Mr 81 million votes himself campaigning for crook McAuliffe, who has been Governor since 2013.

#2 - China Joe getting 2.1 million votes in 2020 (Clinton won 1.9 million in 2016)

Take nothing away from Youngkin and his team. This is an historic and superb victory.

But again, such a massive win makes
me focus on what happened in last year's Presidential election.

Are you the same?

If Biden had really won 81 million votes in Nov 2020, would Youngkin be able to win such a massive victory?

Biden's popularity (if real) would have pushed McAuliffe over the line, surely. Or at least the defeat would be narrow.

Even given Biden's horrible first year.

The only other alternative is that Youngkin's result is actually what voters in VA intended in 2020. A solid Trump win.

Remember, in VA Trump INCREASED his vote in 2020 to 1.97 million votes, from his 2016 tally of 1.76 million.

Youngkin's win in 2021 seems to mirror Trump's increased support from 2016 to 2020.

By contrast, Biden's 'win' in 2020 seems to bear no relation to the humiliating defeat of the VA Democrats.

Remember, there was massive fraud alleged to have taken place in Virginia (Fairfax County) late 3 Nov/early 4 Nov, 2020.

Sealed boxes of ballots suddenly started arriving out of nowhere to be counted after counting had officially stopped.

Reports emerged of up to 100,000 votes being switched from Trump to Biden.

And now the entire State is owned by a Republican.

The Democrats must be terrified.

So they should be.

Youngkin and his team MUST get to the bottom of what happened, on DAY ONE.

The end.


Another thing.

This will likely lead to open war within the Democrats, in particular the Clinton Crime Family vs the Obama Crime Syndicate.

McCauliffe - a Clinton bagman - just outlived any usefulness he had to the Obama Crime Machine.

He - and by extension, the Clintons - are now badly exposed.

Remember, Biden's (Obama's) DOJ allowing Durham to move on Sussman & Perkins Coie is best understood as their targeting the Clinton Mob, as opposed to any high principles of justice.


By losing Virginia, McCauliffe/The Clintons have taken a huge hit.

But so has Biden and his handlers.

The Dems are ruthless with their external enemies, as we have seen. However they're even MORE ruthless with their internal ones.

As I think we are going to see.

What I see is the Democratic Crime Syndicate imploding from within.

Magnificent, isn't it?

The end.

McAuliffe is the son (soon to be disowned) that Crooked and Bill never had🤭


This is a very astute and critical observation.

The first signal that the Great Game has entered its next phase was the disgrace and destruction of Cuomo, a powerful and entrenched Democrat figure.

Now McAuliffe.

No longer can a Democrat henchman think to himself, "Well, maybe Cuomo was a fluke."

Now they realize that The Party is not merely not strong, but may very well be weak.

Expect (metaphorical) fratricide.


The Clinton's haven't had any juice since election day 2015.


This was such a pretty sight.

I'll bet the people at Politico cried boogers.

@ilumanous @REX

Next they will be even more desperate to pass more bills ASAP with Lame Duck Biden & Co. Pelosi already said internally reported she is retiring (she has no choice). Schumer is NO match for McConnell. House is all but gone next yr.
The reckoning is coming and may it be BRUTAL.

They deserve much worse no matter the outcome.


@SusanInVA @REX

But all the house and senate members who will be voting will have a fresh memory of what happened to McAuliffe.

They might have a come to Jesucristo moment.

@ilumanous @REX

It will be hilarious to watch them now claim that VA is "not a bellwether at all" and that "McAuliffe was a bad candidate" and that it was "local issues that don't have larger implications" etc. etc.

@karnage @REX

They will do and say anything to keep themselves in money and power.

@ilumanous @REX


Political power is their life's blood and religion. They have nothing else: no romance, no hobbies, no fun. Without power they are nullities.


Would the real Dimmocrats please take back their party? Not that I will ever vote Dimm in its current iteration but something has to be better than the corrupt, mendacious, unscrupulous, craven version we're forced to deal with.

@REX Ty so much for your post Rex.A great analysis! Ive really missed you posting,my friend


There are bound to be no winners in the Democrats since it is looking like the whole facade will fall apart even for the "winning" faction. It's going to be self destructive.

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