Man wins NZ Sportswoman of the Year.

No, I am not making it up.

A 'University' has decided it must be so. 2 + 2 =5.

More insanity. More LIES.

First - Hubbard (a man) FAILED.

Second. MANY real NZ women have achieved far more in sport, than conman Hubbard.

Third. Remember to focus on the right question. It isn't 'is Hubbard a man or a woman?'

The only question is this : 'is Hubbard a woman?'.

The answer is NO.

Sorry, but my sympathy for women is limited.

Many (most) women have said nothing as these weirdos pushed their agenda, despite people like me shouting that it was an attack on women.

I was laughed at.

Turns out, I was 100% correct.


Hubbard isn't crazy.

In fact, his decision is logical, from a certain POV.

More and more men will take advantage of this insanity.

Of that you can be certain.

And I am guessing that most women will still say nothing.

Especially so called feminists.


End of day, I don't care. Either women want to fight for female athletes, or they don't.

You want your daughter's and their friends to have a chance at scholarships, elite sports, maybe even the Olympics?


If you don't, watch these frauds and wackos eliminate girls opportunities.

While leftists applaud, like the losers they are.

Again, I don't care. Women's Sports is irrelevant anyway. I am a guy.

You made your own beds, you lie in them.

Harsh? Maybe. But fair.

Yes, VERY fair.

Ironic. I care more about young women than their so-called defenders.

And I DO care about young girls losing all hope and opportunity, because of fraudsters like Hubbard.

Leftists don't care about gender equality, or fairness.

They don't give a damn about women or girls.

It's all about POWER.

Take it from them.

Stay safe and sane.

If you can.

The end.

@RoseThistle @REX sometimes learning things the hard way is “too late”. I think we are all going to get a taste of that very soon, on many different fronts.

Men pretending to be women & then participating in women sports is all about man domination. How do "they" justify men destroying women sports ??
Progressives think nothing out.
Shock value is also power.
Fear porn is power.
But their power is transitory, it cannot last.
People have limits,
So, release the killer virus & get rid of boomers & weaklings.
Instill constant fear.
Next, plunder the Treasury.
Wake up, America.
Clowns are in charge.
They hate you.


80% of the women I know are Leftists/Socialists.

Their ideologies and beliefs:

“We will not heal the world with thinking minds, - our minds have created the problems. The healing of the world must come from our hearts, guided by feelings”.

No brain. No thinking. Guided by feelings.

They are traumatized people, functioning out of emotional and mental wounds. Victims saving victims.

Not recognizing they are again being victimized, and being used to promote the new world order.


Excellent points Rex. I played college softball on a scholarship back in the early 80’s. I’ve always said that Libs are extremely selfish and TALK a good equality game.

My position still holds: Not until some idiot Libs daughter actually loses an athletic scholarship to a dude, will they change their tune.

Not until it affects THEM, will they squeal like a stuck pig. Then the flood gates will open and the normal people will speak up.

Silence IS acceptance! Infuriating!

@Linnie @REX

The moral part of me briefly exclaims “This isn’t right!”.

Then it’s gently reminded by the schadenfreude part of me of all the liberal leftists I know who support their female student athletes, and then I REALLY want to see this insanity carried out to its logical conclusion.


I’m with you in this one. Most won’t *get it* until *it* affects them.

Good, I will relish the day it does…and laugh!!!

@REX I totally agree Rex.Rather than build themselves up to be able to compete against their own gender,they take the easy way out and compete against women.And these women and officials havent pushed back against such BS..They just blindly accept it

@Dawnz @REX

It really is dumbfounding when for all these years, my entire lifetime in fact, women have been fighting for equality. Then they let something as surreal as this go, as if for it to, they had fought. It just makes no sense to me.

Where are all the pussy hats?

@joebennett —Apparently waiting for the next Republican President to be inaugurated.

@Dawnz @REX

@joebennett —Especially if it’s Trump (again) or DeSantis.😂😂😂😂

@Dawnz @REX

@Dawnz @REX

These women and officials have painted themselves so far into this catch-22 that they have to put up with the cognitive dissonance for fear of being cancelled by their own.

It’s the same kind of crowd that supports the US Soccer’s women’s national team in their bid for “equal pay”. Want equal pay? Fine. Merge the teams and have Rapinoe take the field against the likes of Ronaldo, Messi, and Neymar Jr. I’d pay good money to see that!

@REX a lot of women are against this, and vocal, and immediately labeled 'bigots' and 'transphobes'; when in fact we just want our daughters and granddaughters to be able to play and compete against their peers.


Even my 2y/o knows the difference between male/female. My wife & I was picking on him this morning telling him I was mommy & she was daddy. He got angry at us & said NO! Pointing at me he said “You are daddy” Pointing at his mommy he said, “you are mommy”. My wife took it a bit further and said, “I’m am baby” “you are mommy” He gets angry again and he corrects her. Yet, here we are w/grown ass adults who think ppl can just claim to be something they are not & somehow they magically are.

@REX As a woman I have surrendered the battle to the ultra feministas because they are scary as hell. They are the ones telling us killing babies is a blessing, having fathers in the home is not needed, men can be women and are welcomed in my changing rooms, children can change their sex organs without parental guidance, adults should be able to have sexual relations with minors, black people are victims of everything. It seems every one is scared of them not just me. 🏳️


If you push your instict for self-preservation back down in favor of groupthink, you are a herd animal.

@REX He's a shitty male athlete pretending to be a woman in order to get recognition for which he didn't earn. I'd call that twisted and a sign of mental illness.

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