'Devolution' kooks would have you believe that there's a secret government calling the shots, somehow managed by Trump.

That 'we have to suffer to be awake'.


Look at what's happening.

No way Trump would allow this to happen. If there's some secret government running things, they're AWFUL.

And of course, there isn't.

It's the Obama crowd running things.

Focus on THEM. Not BS hopium.

The 2020 election was rigged by very scared people.

Who put China Joe in power.

They're all scum - criminals, who will eventually face extreme punishment for what they have done.

They are the ones behind all the disasters we are seeing.

Especially Obama. Remember when the retard was with Michelle Obama? 'All this...for a flag?'

Remember that?

If Trump had won a second term.

Sorry, he DID win a second term.

If Trump has gotten to the White House 2020-2024, all these rats knew the gig was up.

They were all SCREWED.

So they committed treason and rigged the election.

Thereby immediately creating a 75 - 100 million armed citizen bloc dedicated to their destruction.

After this Afghan debacle? Try 150 MILLION +.

Must suck to be them, I guess.

And now - as they enter the final stages of their inevitable end - they'll try to rig, cheat, lie and destroy people.

That's all they have left.

In fact, we don't have to do a thing.

No violence needed.

They are total morons.

Arrogant and ignorant at the same time.

Let them implode.

Bur when they do, LAUGH. No mercy.

These are evil people.

Blood is on their hands.

They are the skidmark that America forgot to clean. A virus we forgot to get rid of.

Biden is their true nature, in human flesh.

Sure, they'll cause carnage as they flame out.

But America will rise again, stronger than ever before.

Their end is inevitable.

The end.

@REX My question is how? Cockroaches are very resilient and very hard to kill. The problem of voter fraud has still not been resolved, as is becoming evident in CA and the so-called Republicans are sitting silently by while this travesty plays out. History has shown that civilizations have crumbled throughout history - and almost always from within. I am furious but don’t really know where to begin to solve this mess. Anger isn’t going to get the job done.

@murphyt43 @REX Agreed and unless the media and our schools are dealt with accordingly as the trainers and voices of the left, nothing will happen.

@1AmericanGuy @murphyt43 @REX
I’m in a blue city in a blue state (by voter fraud) and people are no longer bragging about Biden but they are still trying to blame Trump. The media has them brainwashed. It is unreal.

@jjmjc @murphyt43 @REX Yes the same pretty much everywhere. The media is the key to failure or success.

@1AmericanGuy @murphyt43 @REX

As long as the schools are allowed to continue churning out America-hating young adults, this will get worse. That’s where we have to start. If we lose the next generation, changing the media won’t matter.

@murphyt43 @REX That is also my question. Everyday continues to get worse and worse. Now innocent people are dying at the hands of a fraudulently installed "president." How does this even begin to be repaired?

@murphyt43 @REX Saul mentioned it during one of his streams the other day. Eventually, what they are doing will become personal for the vast majority of Americans who are busy creating wealth, and then they’ll get so much lash back that they can’t ignore it.

America has survived many trying times and I’m confident we’ll survive this. It just will swing the pendulum hard right for a long while.


When the vast majority of the population despise you, you are finished.

It may not happen today. Or tomorrow.

But it WILL happen.

That's what Biden & Co is facing.

@REX finally! Some clarity with no sugar coating. Thank you!


Maybe that's why Biden kept checking his watch.

Time is coming up for all these evil scums.

@REX as much as I want to believe that more people are waking up to these evil monsters, I still see the clueless ones on social media supporting these clowns. It's really unbelievable.

@REX Covid & multiple Western governments reaction to it over the past 18 months (lockdowns v The Great Barrington declaration, for instance) suggests national governments have 💯bowed to supranational organisations.

A Covid passport is the 1st step to digital iD, purely digital currencies & a western version of China's social credit score.

I fear our Governments will become little more than window dressing implementing decisions taken by others, elsewhere.

@REX when Rex? There never seems to be any consequences for them. I’m so angry and sad about what has happened in Afghanistan and what will happen.


For the first time in a long time I watched local news yesterday.

No indication AT ALL of what an abject failure and corrupt traitor QuidProPedoJoe Biden is. Not a question or doubt about the manner in which the withdrawal from Afghanistan unfolded.

If you have been reading threads here, please take one lesson away from them all: WE MUST CONFRONT COMPLACENT AMERICANS WITH OUR OBSERVATIONS!

Talk to your friends and neighbors about all of this. WE ARE THE REAL NEWS OUTLET.

@REX Explain to me how this differs from the Devolution hopium. If anyone has followed you, they know you're of the "might take 30 years but darn it, they'll fall flat on their faces" philosophy. This is a slightly different strain of hopium (just grab your popcorn and wait it will be glorious) than Devolution. Pfft.


My take is the same.

The Afghanistan catastrophe is an extinction event for the Democrats. The culmination of their disintegration, and it is only beginning.

As they implode under the weight of their own evil, they inflict and unleash horror, despair, suffering and misery on this nation and on the world.

A vile, worthless, depraved and insane self-styled leftist ruling caste, destroying themselves on the world stage


"No violence needed."

But I was told there'd be violence!

@REX No mercy is right. Especially for Plugs the Putz. The 'residency' is the capstone of his five decades of grifting the nation...and there's no feeling sorry for him and his crime family.

@REX Our national security has been sacrificed by scumbags. Most of us just hanging on to a glimmer of hope. Since “we’re” being honest here, what’s your Op on audit outcomes? I’m serious.

@REX As much as it is painful to go through all this, it sure is waking up a lot of democrat Biden voters.


The Obama presidency turned out to be the most consequential in modern history.

He followed his 2 terms by controlling by controlling most of the federal government throughout Trump's term, and now his people are back at the helm.

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