This is what I'm hearing from 2 sources who to now have been 100% accurate.

Would be very interested to know if Saul's @Debradelai sources corroborate or not.

It's not good news.

I am hearing:

I'm told that the CIA Director handed over the names and addresses, as well as cell phone numbers, of every known US citizen and Afghan SIV to The Taliban.

But this was NOT to secure safe passage as the liars have claimed.

The reality is incredibly disturbing.

Apparently the list was handed over in exchange for the lives of US troops at the airport.

Yes you heard that right.


The Taliban straight up said that they would kill or capture as many US troops as they could, unless the ID of all US citizens & SIVs wee handed to them.

To be fair - this was bitterly opposed by the Pentagon & Defense.

They were overruled by POTUS himself via Jake Sullivan & Susan Rice. Both know that a massacre of US troops sinks ten entire regime and may lead to criminal charges.

For them & their fellow crooks.


But this, if it comes out and is corroborated?

It's unconscionable, unscrupulous, and just flat out evil.

If true, Biden and company just traded the lives of US citizens and those who helped them for, what? 3 1/2 years of an imbecile in office, and only a little bit of slaughter in the midterms?

This makes me nauseous.

@Ryanownby @REX I just heard on the radio that the brass and Biden have both said that we share names and locations of some people with the Taliban, so the Taliban will give them safe passage.

@BrendaJean @REX

If anyone believes that, I've got a mountaintop cabin for sale in Iowa. Nice and cheap.

And a massacre of nonmilitary would have a different result?


So, there is not one single patriot in the Pentagon or White House? Not one? 10,000+ murders of the innocents videotaped should help the Democrats.


and yet nobody in the imposter administration thought the proper response would be - if one American is injured we will unload MAOBS across the areas where your people are and we won't stop until you and your families are ground in the dust that is Afghanistan.

That is what a real President, President Donald J Trump would have said if they had even had the never to make such a proposition to him!

@REX Is it beyond plausible to suggest that the Biden & Co are doing this to start a real resurrection in the USA so they can bring the hammer down on all of us, eventually leading to FEMA camps, indoctrination camps, and even genocide? Is this a bridge too far even for Democrats? I'm not so sure any more.

@REX Easier to hide/disclaim/misdirect murders of civilians and others on that list then hide US military peps being captured/killed at the airport on live camera. They’ll claim those on the list “wanted to stay” or “ignored our warnings.” “It’s on them, not our fault” and Pravda (NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN et al) will toe the line. I bet the side agreement with Taliban/ISIS-K that they wouldn’t vidio these people being tortured and murdered. They’ll just disappear.

I expect Biden's gang to go even lower than this. They apparently are being led by the Taliban into whatever it wants to extract from him.

@REX Yup. Before I got booted off Twitter I told people "Don't put anything past the Democrats because they will do it. Even murder.". Not tooting my own horn about this because I was hoping it would not come true. I was told 3 years ago, "Well. Nobody has died yet.". No, but they have now. And more could...easily. This proves these demons don't care about American citizens and military worth a damn. That is a horrible thing to know.

May all these fools and collaborators be damned to Hell

@SpiceOfOurLife @REX

What is the “acceptable” amount of American blood shed to rabid leftists?

I fear we are about to be tested

@BadaBing753 @REX I know damned well they won't get any of mine, but I will fight to the death if those parasites try.

So you put your military in a kill box with no plan. And to protect them you sacrifice your citizens and write em off????
The military needs to arrest the cadaver and fix this.
You can fix this with sheer power. All you need is balls. I know someone with huge balls...

@BenKTallmadge Imagine that.
Show us someone in his Circle of Fools that isn't tied to China.
That would be news.

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