Another Biden / Dem sicko trying to justify the greatest betrayal of American citizens since WW2.

'Americans chose not to leave Kabul. Their fault. Pass me another chardonnay.'


Excuse my French, asshole, but FUCK YOU.

Americans in Kabul were being told by China Joe himself that all was good, 'no drama, Taliban won't be in Kabul for months' - just 2 WEEKS ago.

Now they face rape, torture and murder. Because of Biden & Co.

And it's their fault?

These people are evil. They rig elections. They lie. They're traitors. And they're holding America itself hostage.

They're a virus in America's bloodstream.

And it's time for the body politic to get rid of them.

The end.





Ross Wilson WAS the US ambassador in Kabul.

The guy who flew the Pride Flag as The Taliban was rolling towards Kabul.

A monumental failure, in every way.

I note that Wilson got out of Kabul when he could, tail between his legs, dirty little coward.

Leaving US citizens behind.

May he burn in hell.

The end.


I pray this deliberate act of betrayal is the proverbial straw that breaks the camel's back.


For those who wonder why God would ever create a Hell....This should explain the reason! Honestly, with evil like this....I sometimes think eternity might not be long enough for 'em...

@REX Monsters. All of them.
Who was it that believed his own propaganda that he was beloved by the people and was a god, only to be stoned when he appeared to give a speech?
I feel something similar will happen. There’s no way they’ll get away with this.

@REX Not really a Beck fan but was able to glean some good information about situation on ground in Afghanistan >>


Flying the pride flag over the US embassy in a Muslim country is unbelievably tone-deaf and stupid. It's rubbing it in the afghan army's face that they were fighting on behalf of morally depraved (in their view) infidel occupiers.

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