Everyone - please remember that you must presume that everything you're being told by Biden & Co is a LIE.

They are the people of the lie. Pure evil.

On the hostages in Kabul issue, it's easy to prove.

Consider : if there are 'only' 1,500-4,100 US hostages left in Kabul, that means on the most conservative estimate (10,000) that 5,900 - 8,500 have been rescued.

So of that's the case, where are they?

Where are the dramatic scenes of teary families and friends greeting them at American airports?

Where are the endless photo-ops of Democrat capos, consiglieri and apparatchiks as they celebrate Biden's miraculous hostage rescue effort?

Where are the FakeNews propaganda pieces and interviews with the 'saved Americans'?

You know the answer.

There are NO dramatic scenes, no photo-ops and no FakeNews propaganda pieces.

It's my hard to work out why.

Because there are NO RESCUED US CITIZENS.


And for the tiny few US citizens who have managed to get out of dodge, none are willing to give any public support to the Biden Clownshow.

But don't worry.

We will know the truth of how many citizens are in Kabul, soon enough.

The Taliban will let the WORLD know, soon.


The end.

@watch4thedrop @REX didn't the count increase with the Californian's spending summer there?

@Damageincusmc @REX only a californian would spend the summer in afghanistan

@watch4thedrop @Damageincusmc @REX You are stereotyping all Californians as the Hollywood/ granola eating beach bum, techy, environmentalist Dudes. Most of us are normal sane people. Don’t know why those kids went there for the summer trip but I know some church groups that have gone before as part of a mission.

@Kat @watch4thedrop @REX I was speaking of the 1500 Californian's that are stuck there not the entire state. There are some normal people mixed in the state. 🙂

@watch4thedrop @Damageincusmc @REX

I can't believe this is happening. What happened to the original date ? Why did we not prepare for this ? This puts my stomach in knots. I cannot believe how in just under 7 months this asshole could jack up the middle east

@watch4thedrop @Damageincusmc @REX

And leave his own people to fend for themselves . What a despicable pile of garbage ..

@inverness01 @watch4thedrop @REX the Taliban are not a recognized government. Our government shouldn't tolerate crap from them. We should send more soldiers back till our and our allies people are out. Also carpet bomb these bastards.


Americans don’t have a clue. They don’t have the stomach for what is needed to defeat this satanic evil. Let’s pray they wake up when the FB videos begin to stream at the Taliban’s delight.


Remember the Highway of Death. Every single Dem in Congress was jumping up and down screaming for investigations. The media was 24/7 on the brutality.

They don’t have a clue.

@YoungBlood @REX

I keep thinking the inevitable (IMO) bloodbath could very well happen on 9/11. 😣😣😣

@REX Joe Biden ripped the bandaid off the wound of 9/11 so the national psyche can bleed again. He's made certain that we "never forget".

The bastard President cabal is not telling US the count. Only inflated numbers to appear as if Americans are numerous. All lies, terrible lies and Psockee knows she is lying. Jake is faking, the rest is praying for themselves, no one else.
Titanic w/no lifeboats left.
Americans were gaining worldwide respect until Xiden.
This is his legacy.
Maybe a few others also.
Until Americans demand change, this is the crap we will smell.

@REX oh my goodness- you are so right. God help them


They are Evil personified - and evil suffers from a myriad of vices - it IS evil after all - it will gleefully overreach, believing it has an insurmountable advantage.

It will be hideous - evil can’t help itself.

@REX Was just talking with an acquaintance whose son works for DHS. Lots of Afghan "refugees" are currently being house at Dulles Expo Center in Northern Virginia. Shameful that Afghans are prioritized over American citizens. This isn't the incompetence of the Resident "Biden Administration" it is the evil of said fake puppet administration.

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