Disgusting filth Jennifer Rubin does what she's paid for - covering up for the regime.

Although given the replies, the scumbag has failed (again).

There can no longer be any excusing of those who propagandize for Biden & Co. Not after what's happened.

The damage the likes of Rubin have done to America is incalculable.

@REX When you realize many of these media propagandists are bought and paid for Rubin's "Baghdad Bob" take makes more sense.

@REX I found this in the replies.

"I’m sure your friends in the administration are telling you everything at the airport is going great.

The Special Forces of our closest allies tell a different story."

@REX After all is said and done, I hope she won't be able to find a job sweeping floors at a newspaper out of El Paso. Prison would be good, too, but you know...

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