Correct me if I am wrong, but did I just watch a video of the POTUS wandering into bushes at the White House, as Secret Service guys (traitors all) desperately try and work out what the crooked, deranged impostor is doing?

I must be wrong, because if that was true, America is sadly now an absurd and insane society, that no longer deserves respect.

As it no longer respects itself.

What's happening is disgusting and disgraceful.

A population held hostage by a tiny minority of evil scum.

The video is yet again confirmation that Joe Biden never won 81 million votes.

I doubt he got even 20 million (deranged morons, all).

Again - he is an impostor, as are Obama and their goons.

None of them deserve to be anywhere near the White House.

Every day they spend there is a stain on the history of The Republic.

What we are seeing, 24/7, is the arrogant disregard of almost 250 years of history.

By a tiny minority, led by a little and venal little turd - an average man of no great intelligence, a street thug - who regards himself as one of the great men of history.

Barrack Obama, the ultimate coward and lightweight. And his hired gang of weaklings.

I've no doubt that the 2012 election was stolen, as well as 2020.

Obama had no idea what he was doing when he was elected in 2008.

The only way he could remain in power and gratify his insane narcissism was by cheating.




Ruining America.

Aided and abetted by a pathetic, corrupt and useless GOP.

As we see now in 2021.

It's tempting to think that this is just a normal period of partisan nonsense that we have been suckered into.

But no.

This is real. A genuine threat to the American way of life that while imperfect, guarantees a better way of life for people than at almost any other time in history.

Can Trump do what needs to be done, to restore America onto the right trajectory?

There is reason to doubt. This situation doesn't appear to be a 'getting to yes',. negotiable compromise situation.


One thing is certain.

At least to me.

Trump is a legend, whatever happens.

And these crooks won't be able to keep their scam going much longer. It's a 24/7 dystopian nightmare of incompetence, crime and corruption.

Everyone can see it.

My hope is that Trump returns and somehow restores order, but he will have to be far more ruthless than in the past, which seems to be against his true nature.

A final thought.

If Trump isn't the man to restore America, that should frighten the hell out of the traitors who have betrayed their own nation.


Trump's replacement will do the job. Fast and hard.

No get out of jail card.

No free rides.

A reckoning awaits. THEIR reckoning.

They'll be begging for Trump before this is over.

The criminals should be under no illusions about that.

Let's see what happens.

The end.

@Jaime @REX

Thank you, Rex. I have really missed your perspective. ❤️

@REX I don't think Obama is anything, I think he's a face and front man. I would love to know who is really behind the curtain.

@venuso @REX Obama puts me in mind of a veal calf which is born and raised in the dark, fed only milk only to be later sold at a premium price. Obama was bred, nurtured, groomed to be the Globalist Trojan Horse packaged, sold and stuffed up America's nose! He is race and gender fluid with no moral compass whatsoever. The perfect globalist tool!!

@venuso @REX

You are making a very dangerous assumption based off what? The media?

@RonOgletree @REX Ron, I just never thought Obama was the brainstorm that he was made out to be. I think he was groomed for the part. I am basing this off of my opinion only. I have always thought that from the day he was introduced.

@venuso @REX

His associations and past before being a Senator will reveal otherwise.

Not to say he is a tactician but rather a stone cold SOB who lets nobody get in his way.

His affable persona is pure horseshit.

@venuso @REX

I think that was evident back in 2004, 0 was being positioned as the head of an updated Rainbow Coalition. He is a fey poseur with no talent or accomplishments save being able to speak other people's words well. As you can see now, nobody gives him a second thought other than his cronies and backers.


As Stephen Green (@vodkapundit) on Instapundit has said of the reaction to Trump, "This is how you get President Duterte..."

The 2020 election was nothing less than a coup d’etat, hidden from the people behind a cabal of big media and big tech.

It should be treated as such.

This was TREASON.

@REX Just tossing this in the hat.
Mike Pompeo seems to fit.


Thank you~ I know I'm still relatively new here. Appreciate your point of view.

I'd been wondering about his term 1 staffing problem, and then reminded myself the guy had become famous for firing people every week on a highly rated TV show. It's what he was known for.

What if he put those people deliberately in the spotlight so they could show their true colors as everyone-press, elected officials, military, were taking off their masks. I'd say we're all clear now as to who's who 😉

@bonkster @REX Trump often puts people in positions for a period of time where there strengths are needed. When that period ends and it’s time for someone else’s strength or just to carry on the status quo now that it’s. Streamlined. He has done this for years. Yes some people stay on forever but when you think about it it’s a brilliant idea.

@bonkster @REX The time for forgiveness is over. He warned them multiple times that he knew what they were doing. If someone came forward then they may have gotten forgiveness but not now. Now they pay the piper!

@bonkster @REX If Trump was the narcissist the Leftists and the media (I repeat myself here) made him out to be, then why didn't he surround himself with sycophants and lackeys that would never disagree & would never try to make him look bad? No, Trump is a businessman and knows sports well and knew that the great CEOs & coaches bring on ambitious officers & coaches that want to be great leaders. These people are great at what they do but don't last long as assistants. They are on their way up.

@REX Well put, @REX ! You have been sorely missed and very much needed around here. Glad to see you back!


Jesse Kelly has stated that the Left fears Trump but are genuinely frightened of who comes after him. With good reason too, the smart ones know that person will go scorched earth and be utterly ruthless...with the support of the voters.

Come to think of it, the voters will *demand* this of a future anti- candidate

Democrats set the terms for no bail since they've kept the Jan 6ers locked up

Love this, so true! They can only hope Trump will be the one back, he may have some forgiveness, this shit show isn't going well at all and everyday it grows more and more are getting involved at all levels to get rid of the corruption on all sides. He has awakened a monster.

At the end of the day taking back our republic is going to be an arduous task.

I am staying inside my bubble because I observe my friends who voted for this POS going about their daily life as if they all made the right decisions.
As they continue to threaten lock downs and demand their grandchildren to wear masks in school.

I have to keep my eyes closed with the shades pulled in order to be ready for what will come next.

@Donjanusgjrdrm @REX

Yes, it’s amazing isn’t it. My daughter and her husband and his parents think Biden is great.

They practically get down on their knees and listen to CNN like it’s gospel.

CNN still rants about DJT and how he must answer for his “crimes.”

My jaw hurts from keeping my teeth clenched.


You speak the truth. It already is remarkable watching it play out. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

Forlorn hope lives and breathes still.
Solidarity 🇺🇸


One question........

WHEN????????????? After the country has been completely looted

@REX 💯 I’ve had those thoughts for MONTHS

@REX Welcome back old friend. I literally logged on just now just to ask if anyone knew if you were posting somewhere else...only to find a few days worth of posts to read. It's good to read your words again.

@REX The easy answer is always...Soros...
The real answer is Henry Kissinger.
My Opinion.


Trump gave us steaks, after decades of cheap GOP hotdogs.

@REX Ever hear of the corporate hatchet man strategy?

I could see someone other than Trump getting in, and pulling all the levers and taking all the heat.

And then Trump comes in after, to rebuild.

He is a builder at heart, after all ..

@REX maybe whoever comes after * will have the support of the citizens to be ruthless.

I suspect we are at the point where many Normals are ok with taking the proverbial gloves off.

@REX re: Trump's nature. I agree. I've always been of the opinion that he just wasn't mean and nasty enough. I'd love to be wrong here. Time will tell the tale.

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