Remember, Obama is the #1 problem.

Obama and his thugs are the most despicable Americans to have ever lived. Elitist scum, who would have sided with the British & killed the Founders.

Nothing can save them. In fact, they've already lost. All that remains is the damage required to get rid of them.

Insurrection? LOL. These clowns have no idea.

Let's say 10% of Trump's actual voters (81 million) are trained, heavily armed patriots.

That's 8.1 million citizens.

Oh my.

A more amusing aspect of watching the Biden clownshow in recent months, is the idea that the US military would defeat an uprising of (say) 8.1 million citizens.


Especially given that anyone who is effective in the current US military would simply refuse to kill or injure fellow citizens.

The only people defending the Biden Junta would be the woke Generals & the worst soldiers.

Anyone good will simply refuses to obey orders, or more likely decide to fight for the patriots.

And so, we wait patiently for these criminals to fall on their own swords.

Remember, the entire 2020 steal was a pre-emptive move - a DEFENSIVE one - to try and protect these criminals from their inevitable demise.

Once you understand it as defensive, you can see that their doom is guaranteed.

They are losers. Remember that.

Weak and useless people.


They cannot succeed without cheating and lying.

And they're evil, no doubt. They will do what they feel they must, to survive.

So we must not fall for their traps.

And we must expect the worst.

But again, everything you're seeing is a desperate attempt to survive.

The one thing they thought would never happen HAPPENED.

The people woke up.

Once that happened, they lost.

May take 1, 10, 20 years. Doesn't matter.

It's OVER.

The trajectory is undeniable.

Enjoy the show.

The end.

@REX What a nice surprise. Great to see you back.

The biggest single hurdle I see ahead is the Obama propaganda operations are basically all of big media (television, movies, sports, and internet).
The faster those “narrative pushers” collapse, the faster we get through this. That’s why they’re stepping in with unprecedented censorship right now.


Check the ratings.

No one is listening to the propaganda arms of the Democratic Crime Syndicate.

They are essentially speaking to their own echo chamber.

And that's not going to cut it.

The smarter operators in the Den Crime Mob - the consiglieri if you will - will know that they're in huge trouble.

They botched the stolen election. They've screwed up ever since.

@REX @GuyDavis
Only in deep blue cities where there are Democrat zombies would they go by the Democrat propaganda. Very very low info lot, who have been totally infantilized.

@REX @GuyDavis

Waking up with a REX thread is a great way to start the day! Thanks, REX.

@REX This crap has been showing at all hours of the night and day.... in case you missed it the first 5 times. @GuyDavis

@DonnaLea @REX @GuyDavis

I would rather slide down a playground slide covered in razor blades and land in a tub of acid

Narcissistic maniacal ass clown

other than that he’s a nice guy 🤥

@BadaBing753 I do give every one a chance or 2. I watched 10 minutes of one of his SOTU addresses, that didn't last long 🤢 Another time I watched him sign some gun legislation where he was "shedding a tear or 2" More 🤢 I was done after that. @REX @GuyDavis

@BlkLdyPatriot Neither do I. We have basic cable but I can see what is playing on all channels. @REX @GuyDavis

@DonnaLea @REX @GuyDavis So disgusting it ran for free this weekend. I don't think 🤔 this trash can even be given away.

@PL14 HBO free this weekend? Even then I don't watch it. I just it listed in the TV guide. @REX @GuyDavis

@REX @GuyDavis Rex, your wisdom and steady hand have been missed. Thank you.


Thank you for your long awaited post. Please engage us. After all we are the "non-elite" here.

@REX @GuyDavis

Tony Podesta keeping a low profile should be a tell...

I suspect he knows better than others what is in the offing.

@DougAdamavich @REX

Crooked Hillary is keeping a low profile as well, and notice, she wasn't at Obama's birthday bash!

@REX @GuyDavis

"They botched the stolen election. They've screwed up ever since"

Yes. Agreed.

All of their energy, planning and focus went into the election theft. No pragmatism. No thought for the future. A disastrous President and VP. The current administration is utter chaos.

The background to all of this, and the larger story, is the decline disintegration of the left in the west, and the end of their hold on the majority of the population.



It began with Brexit in 2015 and Trump in 2016. The left have lost their dynamism, energy and appeal.

They cannot stop the decadence and breakdown, and their ensuing panic and paranoid hysteria are the results. Strong, assured people do not panic




It is a strange, disorienting time in history as a result.

Established institutions are changing and our assumptions about society and culture are in constant flux.

But it cannot be helped. The left planted the seeds of their own disintegration were planted decades ago.



The left is unreal. It is a false ideology, separated from truth, morals, character and history.

Unreality has no roots. It can survive for a while on hysterical enthusiasm, and then on raw power. But there is a limit to that.

They are now living off their capital, accumulated since 1930, and spending it with no thought for tomorrow. It is very rapidly running dry.



A top-heavy, worthless, useless self-proclaimed, radicalized leftist fascist 'elite' are straining the patience even of some leftists now with their power obsession, irrationality and wild pendulum swings from fear to rage to hatred and back.

Their moral depravity, spiritual void, intellectual and ethical bankruptcy combine to make them repulsive and weak.




As they decline, their panic creates a nightmarish environment of anxiety and uncertainty.

As you say, we see them for who and what they are - which terrifies them - and we are equipped with the perspective of history as we see where this is going.

Courage, hope and wisdom are required and strength of character. Uncharted territory.

But the wind is at our back




@timr @REX @GuyDavis

"Courage, hope and wisdom are required and strength of character. Uncharted territory.

"But the wind is at our back"


@karnage @timr @REX @GuyDavis

Let's bring back accountability, responsibility, integrity, honesty as well.

@timr @REX @GuyDavis

Tim, my highest will the big tech/big govt (bureaucracy)/big business ... Ie ..per Ramaswamy...Woke, Inc be stopped?

@TBStewart @REX @GuyDavis

There is a large and growing backlash against woke already. The pendulum has started to swing back and the Dems know it.

They are very worried. There is nothing they can do to stop a grassroots, nationwide opposition to their terrible policies

That will continue through the midterms and into the 2024 election.

The tide has been rapidly turning against the left. They are far more aware of it than we are. They know how much trouble they are in.

They are in a panic

@timr @REX @GuyDavis I see what you see on the grassroots

... not sure about their panic tho... I think they're too arrogant and think they can just cheat their way along still

@TBStewart @timr @REX

I think the fact that Liz Cheney is spending time in New Hampshire (preparing for a presidential run) while she tries to use the Jan 6 committee to derail a Trump candidacy proves your point.
The big-money establishment Republicans didn’t learn their lesson with “Jeb!” but they are going to find out the voters are disgusted with them.

@GuyDavis @TBStewart @REX

That grim, miserable NeverTrump paranoiac couldn't be elected dog catcher with one candidate on the ballot.

She can trundle balefully through New Hampshire's wintry streets, and crack her face with a gruesome manufactured smile, and whine endlessly and wildly about Jan 6th. She can be bankrolled by NeverTrump malcontents.

None of it will matter.

@timr @REX @GuyDavis

aka, September 1989...before everything collapsed.

Slowly, then quickly.

@timr @REX @GuyDavis

"It began with Brexit in 2015"

I think it began with the Tea Party movement in 2010. Which was snuffed out by Obama's corrupt IRS.

But the Spirit was awakened!

@timr @karnage @REX @GuyDavis

Awesome thread, and comments.

I'd add creating the EU was Globalism trial- small scale experiment. The mandates on how business' are taxed from on-high, the disparity of productive value from a country's natural resources... I think the last straw was the open border requirements leading to Brexit and melt-down of national cultures. Now layering on the bare totalitarianism before our frog water was hot enough. It's over, they just don't know it quite yet.

@timr @bonkster @REX @GuyDavis

I really want to help make this be true because I’m very very tired of these totalitarians.

@karnage @timr @REX @GuyDavis

TBF, the Tea Party also made some mistakes and marginalized themselves as a bloc. Some of it's members turned it into a grift too.

That said, it was useful and led to where we are now.

The fight was joined.

1. It's great to see @REX posting again. Inspiring.
2. @timr I think you'd make a good point. PJDT did not panic. He left with dignity, and is regrouping, IMHO.

@REX They botch everything. Try to name something they didn’t/haven’t botched? They’re so bad, they can’t even do evil well.

@GuyDavis @REX

Check the ratings. They're talking about abandoning the Nielsen ratings for measuring how many people are watching that crap.

Check the box office numbers. We have movies that Hollywood considered to be able to print money that struggling to get 100s of MILLIONS of dollars in ticket sales.

People aren't consuming the traditional media. They know that it's bullshit.

@GuyDavis @REX Was it on here at SQV where I read that Netflix has been losing customers left and right? I remember skimming over an article that said Netflix is losing a battle to those truly awake who know Netflix is just a tool of the left.

These creeps, if somebody else did exactly the same thing, they'd cry foul but since it is them, perfectly justified. They don't realize how they look to others.

@redwhitebluedude @REX

"They don't realize how they look to others."

They don't care how they look to others. It doesn't even cross their minds.

@karnage Oh wouldst the gift, the Giftee give us. To see ourselves as others see us. Robert Browning


What a great way to start the week! Thank you, REX.

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